Baccani 3 in 1 baby pram – capsule, bassinet and seat

The Baccani luxury 3 in 1 baby stroller is designed to fit your lifestyle and allow you to enjoy weekend getaways with your little one. Experience little luxury with this upgraded version of the Baccani baby stroller. It combines premium finishes such as comfort seat liner, leather handlebar & belly bar, a much larger shopping basket, and sophisticated canopy colours.

The fully extendable canopy extends through three shelving positions to provide maximum protection for your little one from sun and other elements. The adjustable handle allows you to set the height as needed, so all your attention can be given to the baby. The Baccani 3 in 1 baby pram has been designed for the capsule and bassinet and the seat. This is accomplished with just a push of a button which makes the cradle light to carry and much easier to put in the car. Simply separate the seat fold and lift.

The Baccani reversible seat allows face-to-face communication with the baby. This feature allows your baby to interact with you or explore their surroundings depending on their mood.

Getting your little one in and out from the stroller is easy with the removable swivel belly bar on either side. The easy to clean set adjustable position footrest provides added comfort to your baby. Your baby will be kept safe and secure in a five-point safety harness, and soft cushion provides them with additional comfort.

Our 3 in 1 Baccani stroller makes your life easier. You can change between capsule, bassinet and seat anytime just by unclipping four clips underneath the footrest and two at the top end of the seat. Buy a Baccani mattress now on our website for an extra layer of comfort. Airflow adjustable side windows allow you to regulate airflow depending on how much is required. The spacious shopping basket will hold everything you and your baby could possibly need, with the seat or bassinet easily accessible from all four sides to reach emergency baby wipes or food wipes.