5 things you need to know about better stroller postures

Given the hours every parent puts in to care for her baby from their early stages, from lulling them to sleep, to making them walk, all while running errands and getting some personal exercise, having the correct posture is probably one of the largest concerns of every parent. Here are 5 things you need to know about maintaining correct posture while using your buggy!

1. Watch the path ahead

Always keep your head upright in line with your spine instead of gazing at the ground. Keeping your eyes on the ground will cause your chest to slouch, creating tension in your spine and back.

2. Keep space between your shoulders and ears

Having space between your shoulders and ears will release the tension in your shoulder and neck muscles by redirecting the weight to strengthen your back muscles. Strong back muscles reduce pain associated with carrying your baby, and breastfeeding.

3. Watch your arm position

Keep your arms at waist height, and close to your body. It is always helpful to get a stroller or pram that has adjustable handrails to find the perfect fit for your height. Baccani’s Lusso and Pletora prams are great options to consider for this feature!

4. Tuck your hips in

Keep your hips directly in line under your ribs to ease any pressure you might be adding unnecessarily to your lower back. You can try standing without your pram at first, by using your lower ab muscles, and then add the pram on to avoid any confusion.

5. Leaning in

Think of yourself jogging before you had your baby. Now adding a stroller to that should not make any difference. Be sure to keep good form as you walk with the stroller as well.

Remember, your baby is only ready for a stroll, once they are able to sit firm without wobbling around as you walk them. This is usually after 6 months of their birth until which you will most often have them in their bassinet. The Baccani Pletora is a great 2-in-1 option, you can use it as both a bassinet, plus a seat!

Stroller walking is both, relaxing activity for parents, and an excellent stimulant for your baby. Making a stroll daily is a great way to connect with your bub and also get good exercise for your body. As your bub grows, you’d be glad you took into account the little changes you made to be a better parent in every slight change!

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