Here we guide you on how to take your babe safely for a summer holiday in a baby stroller. Actually, babies feel the heat & cool more intensely rather than an adult because their mechanisms of controlling body temperature are less efficient. Then your decision will be not to go outside with your baby, just staying at home.

Is it wise not to go out with your babies during bright summer days?

But it is not the real solution. You must enjoy your life although you are bound with duties regarding your newborn kids. Meanwhile, it is very important to introduce your newborns to summer weather & temperature step by step. It may boost your kid’s immunity as well as letting him or her enjoy nature. Also, the placid sun rays would fulfill the whole need for vitamin D.

Therefore it’s better if you can use healthy baby strollers when you go out with your beloved newborns. On one hand, it will keep your kid cool & comfortable protecting from overheating sun rays. On the other hand, it will be a great relief for the parents as they won’t get exhausted carrying their newborns when traveling.

Why they need a stroller?

The biggest problem is that your baby cannot tell whenever he or she feels uncomfortable. Especially during overheating summer days, there is a high risk of getting sunstrokes to your cute & delicate baby. They are less able to sweat. Therefore it will be surely uneasy when the sun it’s strongest. That’s why here we recommend baby prams.

Overheating is extremely dangerous for kids under 6 months. Some recent researches also have revealed that overheating can cause even the baby sleep death also called SIDS.

However, many experts recommend not picking the hottest days & hottest hours in summer if you go out with your baby. Especially keep in mind not to choose from 10 am to 4 pm. Even when using a stroller, it’s better if you can avoid places with direct exposure to the sun. No matter how safe these baby prams are, always try to choose someplace with a shade of natural vegetation instead of full-exposed places like grounds & urban areas.

Tips to use a baby stroller effectively.

The baby stroller that you choose determines the comfort & hygiene of your newborn kiddos while you’re out for your summer vacation. Here are some tips to get a better baby pram to let your baby a happy journey.

  1. Suitable clothing for your babe.

Your little kid doesn’t suit overdressing for summer abroad as it causes heat rashes, sunburns, or heat strokes. The lightweight, loose cotton dresses & bamboo -made dresses are always recommended for this. Both of these materials can well absorb the sweat from the skin. Besides, it would be better if they are light color dresses.

  1. The fabric of a baby stroller.

The standard newborn baby prams usually have canopies made of breathable SPF50+ fabric. Also, there must be one or two mesh windows on the hood in order to increase airflow. The fresh air trickling from meshes would chill & keep your baby more active. However, this airflow effectively occurs only when you move the stroller.

It’s not good to choose baby strollers with thick hood fabrics. The canopy of a healthy & convenient baby stroller must always be large & extendable. Most summer days are sunny & windy. So, your child would be protected from sunburns if this stroller can extend & collect plenty of placid air within it.

  1. Also, concern about the color.

Actually why we must care about the color of our babies’ strollers? The scientific basis is that light colors can better reflect sun rays rather than absorbing. Then your baby would feel less sweaty even on the brightest summer days.

  1. Stroller Umbrella.

On a hot summer day with no wind, it’s better to use a stroller umbrella instead of the normal canopy as this hot & dry air can increase the risk of overheating. You can buy them in different brands. But it’s better to get it from the same brand that you’ve got your baby stroller.

Some parents cover the canopy or the whole baby stroller with towels, blankets, or nappies to keep their children safer & cooler. But bear in mind that it will be a great risk for your kid’s life.

  1. Extra canopy for extra safety.

As mentioned above, a normal blanket or muslin is not suitable for providing an extra shade. But sometimes we want some extra coverage on the stroller in order to protect your little angel from harsh UV rays & to keep the skin moisture. Besides, these covers are not the same as a normal blanket as they never interrupt airflow. They can make a defense against up to 99% of the harmful UVA & UVB rays protecting from skin cancers later in life. They are water repellent & can be used as a rain cover. It’s an extra advantage that these covers would fit any brand of baby strollers.

  1. Back panel.

Another tip to increase airflow & keep your baby cooler is removing the back panel of the baby stroller. This may allow greater ventilation for your kid. So when you are buying baby prams, check if there is a removable back panel.

  1. Seat liner.

The seat or bassinet of a hygienic stroller must be made of foam filling as it facilitates your infant’s back. A seat liner is an essential item of baby prams as it wicks the moisture when your kid is sweaty. Breathable fabric is better for this. This seat liner must be easily removable & machine-washable.

  1. Convenient & spacious bassinets.

The only & only way that your newborn can enjoy the pleasure of your holiday picnic is by wiggling around & cheering. That’s why it’s important to choose a stroller with a roomy bassinet. Your baby can easily be there without squeezing in the seats.

  1. Stroller fans.

We all know that kids can’t easily maintain their body temperature according to the climatic changes in the external environment. So when you are out on a bitterly hot summer day, the airflow through the mesh windows of baby prams won’t be enough. Then the best option is to attach a battery-operated fan to the stroller. The movements of the fan, its pleasant noise & tactile delicacy of circulating air, all these would keep your baby thrilled & active. It can be used both indoor & outdoor.

  1. Some easy cooling systems to keep your baby hydrated & cool.

When you are traveling in a park with your little kid on a hot summer day, it is essential to keep him or her hydrated.

  • Always feed with fluids.

The babies’ ability to sweating is considerably low. So, on such a warm day they would feel really hard & bitter. Therefore you must give them enough breast milk or a bottle of milk to facilitate their sweating process. It’s better to give some fluids intermittently though they are not asking. You must certainly increase your breastfeeding if your kid is less than 6 months. The older kids can be provided some fruit juice instead if they are boycotting water. However, in such a season, your older kid must get a 4oz bottle of extra water.

You can check if your baby has got enough fluids by comparing the wet diapers in comparison to normal & also by the smell & color of the urine.

  • Place some cool water bottles aside.

You can easily provide a cooling system for your baby while traveling in a stroller. Fill up 2/3 of bottles of water. Then freeze them & wrap them a towel. Then keep them on the side of the baby stroller. This simple method can prevent your baby from overheating & sunburns. But always be careful whether they are trying to unscrew the lids of those bottles as there is a risk of getting choked.

  • Cooler packs & wet towels.

You can place some cooler packs or pads under the cushion of the stroller. It would feel convenient for your infant’s back without getting heated no matter how many hours you are traveling. Otherwise, parents can wipe their kids with wet towels. When the air hits the wet skin, they would really feel chilled & refreshed. Remind that the towels must be soaked in cool water, not cold water.

  • Skincare tips.

Bear in mind to choose a chemical-free sunscreen specially made for infants. You must apply it 30 minutes before getting off. Then you must intermittently reapply it betwixt your journey. It will protect the baby’s skin from harmful sun rays.

Moms & dads! keep in mind!!!

As parents, you must intermittently check whether your baby is getting well or not. Getting the face flushed & red, getting the skin drier than usual, irritable or lazy behavioral patterns, fewer tears when crying, refusing the drinks & appearing the fontanelle sunken. These are the symptoms to prove that your baby is overheating.

Always try to keep the baby prams clean as it means that your baby is in a healthy zone free of pathogens & germs. Keep the stroller in the safest area in your house. Meanwhile, remind to take short intervals for every 15-30 minutes of walking.

Don’t try to keep the baby stroller fully shaded. It’s a horrible mistake that threatens your little angel’s life. Instead, apply a standard sunscreen as informed above. Don’t try to create a sauna condition (hot & humid) instead of a cool surrounding.

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Moms, The purpose of this article is informative. It is an overview of recent studies on Pregnancy. Always consult your health concerns and decisions with your doctor.

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Pregnancy is one of the main stages; it is the main stage in a woman’s life. Women wait and anticipate it to arrive all their life. It is the most sacred and the happiest feeling woman can get in her life. Our pregnancy tests and ultrasounds the only ways to know pregnancy? Most of you would say, “Yes.” Today, we will let you know some of the early symptoms and signs that can be observed from your body during the first pregnancy period. Some of the most common signs of early pregnancy are morning sickness, fatigue, and smell sensitivity issues. Now we will look into the respective periods of these symptoms and signs.

The period of symptoms and signs

Your last menstrual period is identified as the first week of the pregnancy, even if you were not pregnant yet. Now, we will provide you the periods of symptoms.

Signs and symptomsTime period
Small crampsWeek 01 – 04
FatigueWeek 04 and 05
NauseaWeek 04 – 06
Breasts achingWeek 04 – 06
Frequent urinationWeek 04 – 06
Motion sicknessWeek 04 – 06
Mood changesWeek 06
Changes in body temperatureWeek 06
High blood pressureWeek 08
Fatigue and heartburn sensesWeek 09
Higher heartbeatWeek 08-10
Breast and nipple changesWeek 11
Muscle painsWeek 11
Increase in body weightWeek 11
Pregnancy glowWeek 12


Next, we will discuss some of the noticeable and important signs and symptoms mentioned above in detail. In addition to that, we will provide you with some tips which you can follow during relevant periods to counter the same.

Small cramps

In week 04, the blastocyst will form in the lining of the uterus. This will cause implantation bleeding too.

Following are some of the signs of this;

Pain – Pain can be different from one person to another. It can be either small, mild, or sometimes severe.

Time period – It is there for about three days, and you do not need to panic here much as any treatment is not required during this time.

Smart tips

  • Refrain from smoking and having liquor. This will heavier your bleeding, and pain can be increased too.


This is a common symptom in the early pregnancy period. You will feel sleepy always, and your body will not be functioning actively like before

Smart tips

  • Take enough sleep
  • Try to keep your bedroom as cool as possible.

Breasts aching and changes

The size of breasts during this time usually gets increased due to changes in hormones. Both the nipples and breasts are changed during this time, and all of these changes occur due to hormones.

Smart tips

  • Get breast pads that fit your breasts to reduce fiction on nipples. This will reduce the pain of breasts and nipples too.
  • Try to purchase a cotton maternity bra for your own comfort.

Frequent urination

Your body will pump more blood than usual during this time. This causes your kidney to produce more fluid, which will result in more fluid in the bladder. Hormones stimulate during these times are the main reasons for this.

Smart tips

  • Drink about 400ml per day
  • Try to build up a daily routine for your bathroom needs.

Nausea and morning sickness

Although it is termed as morning sickness, this can occur at any time of the day. Still, scientists have not discovered a clear reason for this, but hormones play a significant role in this too.

Smart tips

  • Try to drink as much water as possible.
  • Try to keep saltine cracker with you and have it in the morning when you get up. This will help you to counter morning sickness.

High blood pressure

Normal and high blood pressure will eventually drop during the early pregnancy period. This will make you weak and can cause dizziness too. Many cases of high blood pressure are due to underlying problems. Your doctor will help you to maintain regular and normal blood pressure during this period by checking and noting your blood pressure levels.

Smart tips

  • Try to engage in small exercises with the instructions from your doctor.
  • Learn things to keep your blood pressure down.
  • Drink enough water and food

Increase in body weight

This is one of the most common features at this time. Following is a rough chart of the increase in the body.

  • Breasts – 01 – 03 pounds
  • Uterus – 02 pounds
  • Increased blood and fluid volume – 05 -07 pounds
  • Fat – 06 -08 pounds


Hormones produced in this time cause the valve between your stomach and esophagus to relax a bit. The stomach will produce acid because of this, and this will cause “Heartburn.”

Smart tips

  • Try to stay upright for an hour after your meal.
  • Try to have smaller meals instead of larger ones, which need more time for digestion.

Smell sensitivity issues

This is another common symptom during this time. Your smell sensitivity will change during this time and cause a distaste for certain food items. Vomiting and food digestion issues occur due to this.

Smart tips

  • Try to have food items that you love to eat as much as possible.

Pregnancy glow

This is the stage when people start to tell you about your appearance. Hormones produced during this time are the main factor for this change. This will provide glossy and flushed skin too.

So I hope that you have gained vital information about the early pregnancy period. We have categorized it into different time periods to provide you a clear picture of the signs and symptoms that produce during those particular time periods. These signs and symptoms will vary sometimes, but they are common for most of you.

In addition to that, we have also given you some smart tips to follow to overcome some of the difficulties you may face during the early pregnancy period. Try to add the same to your daily routines. It will relieve your pain and will provide you a boost to fight different situations. The period of pregnancy is not a time period for you to suffer. It is time for you to be happy and cherish. So consider following our smart tips and feel the difference. You may consult your doctor for any matter regarding our recommendations.

Be with us as we plan to bring more vital information like this to make your life happier and healthier.



Moms, The purpose of this article is informative. It is an overview of recent studies on Pregnancy. Always consult your health concerns and decisions with your doctor.

Are you a parent to a single or twin babies? It is a big choice of choosing the best baby pram or stroller for your little one. In the baby stroller market, it can be confusing and stressful for you. You may be thinking about comfort, cost, size, weight, brans, and specially the safety of your child. Baccani Prams providing a range of baby prams suit to your newborn until toddler. In addition to single baby prams, we are introducing our double prams, brand in Lusso. Find and compare your favorite prams online and experience the best baby pram or stroller in Australia.