Baby Carriers, Do I Need One?

Have you ever wondered how handy a baby carrier would be in your life as a parent? Can you imagine how much your tiny precious would love to feel your warmth all day long? When you consider both these factors, it confirms the best option for you and your baby is nothing but a baby carrier.

When your little baby is new to the world, your baby indeed is looking for the warmth felt before they were born. It is also certain that you would be swaddling your baby to stay warm. Anyhow, there’s no argument in saying that no matter how warm and cozy they would feel in a blanket, given a preference, your baby would definitely choose your arms. Babies love to cuddle up to you and feel your warmth all day long.

So, let’s see the practicality of carrying a baby in your arms while engaged in your day-to-day tasks. It is a fact that nothing means more to you than your little baby; however, carrying him for long hours is going to bring so much discomfort to your hands and especially your spine. Remember, when you have your baby in your arms while being engaged in something, it will surely cause you significant discomfort over time. This is where a baby carrier would come in handy. Let’s look into the types of baby carriers we find in the market. They come in three main styles, wraps, slings, and structured carriers.

Baby Wrap

The baby wrap is a long, soft, stretchy piece of fabric you could adjust and tie around your body, usually over your shoulders and around the stomach area, to form a baby carrier.


A sling is a broad piece of cloth that goes over one shoulder and across the mid-section of your body to form a carrier.

Baby Carriers

Structured Carrier

This backpack-styled carrier is formed by fitting its straps over your shoulder and placing the padded carrying space on your chest or back. These are called Soft Structured Carriers, so if you ever come across a term as “SSC” while you hunt, this is what they are referring to.

If we further elaborate, isn’t it easy if you could find the difference between a baby wrap, a sling, and a baby carrier in a straightforward way?

A baby wrap and a sling have a common element because they both have long single-piece fabrics that you can specifically use for newborns. Usually, the wraps and slings both come in one single size. Baby slings are the most basic type of carrier and can be easily worn over one shoulder and across your torso. The final formation of this is more like a pouch, in which you can place the baby’s head and neck properly without causing any discomfort.

Slings work best for babies in the cradle position. The most preferred and chosen style for slings is the ring sling carriers. While baby slings are comfortable and ideal for babies up to 4 months, it is imperative to follow all safety guidelines mainly because slings tend to pose a suffocation hazard.

If you look much closer into the wraps, you will notice that it can be used in many different positions even though it is a one-piece fabric. It allows you to wrap it up in different ways around your body. Another positive aspect of the wrap is, unlike the sling, it grows with the baby and ultimately can hold a baby weighing up to 35 pounds. Adding to the benefits of a wrap, you can adjust it to distribute your baby’s weight. This will keep you comfortable while carrying the baby for an extended period. Since the wrap is worn over both your shoulders, it’s much more comfortable than the sling, as again, it distributes the weight equally. The other advantage of the wrap is that you can position your baby inwards or outwards facing in the wrap.

Compared to the sling and the wrap, the baby carrier has a more structured design. Also, the pouch that it creates can be comfortable for your baby, and that’s why ultimately, among all options, most parents prefer the baby carrier. Additionally, the baby carriers are more suitable for older babies and toddlers who can hold up their heads.

How to wrap a baby carrier?

Anybody who looks from the outside might wonder if that stretchy piece of fabric wrapped around you is strong enough to hold your precious little baby. For some, it might even look like magic that you have entangled around yourself to free your arms. So, while letting people wonder, it is essential to know the perfect and proper steps to wrap the baby carrier.

Firstly, you should take that long piece of cloth and keep the logo right below your bust area and take the two sides to the back and cross over your shoulder to form an X from behind. Now that the wrap is again on the front, take the whole piece and pull it under the fabric covering the bust area. Then cross it over to form an X from the front too. Now take the remaining edges, send the material behind, and wrap it around. Then, take the edges of the wrap to the front, tie a knot, and safely secure to the side.

Remember, if you want your baby relatively closer to you, the initial step of wrapping the cloth area around the bust area can be a little higher. The higher you tie it, the closer your baby will be. Once you put your baby in the wrap, take the front covering area and adjust it in a way that would keep your baby comfortable and resting in a proper position. Also, it’s essential to be familiar with the T.I.C.K.S rule when positioning your baby inside the wrap.

Baby Carriers

How to use an Ergo Baby carrier?

On your lookout for the perfect baby carrier? The Ergo baby carrier is one of the best brands to look into. If you ever happen to look into Ergo baby carriers, you will be amazed to see the options and variety of carriers they offer you. To name a few, they got Aerloom, Omni 360, Embrace,360, Adapt, Original, and the list goes on.

The Ergo Baby carriers come with different features to meet your personal requirements. Since they have a massive collection, it’ll not be a daunting experience, and your search will be straightforward and convenient. Be it an Ergo Baby carrier, or another brand, make sure to look for broad, padded shoulder straps as well as a wide waist strap.

Safety Points to Remember

While looking into your and the baby’s comfort, it is crucial to know the hazards associated with baby slings, wraps, and carriers. Be aware of how you place the baby inside the pouch area as the primary hazard related to baby wraps is that baby can suffocate. Therefore, make sure that the baby’s face is not pressed against your body.

The other point to consider is to watch your step always. Losing balance or tripping can cause serious injury to the baby if not held up properly. Also, it is very important to be considerate when bending down as you have to pay proper attention to hold the baby constantly, or else there is a chance that the baby could get dropped off from the wrap.

Further, it is necessary to go through the carrier’s instructions that you purchase as it will educate you on the essential steps and tricks to follow while using the baby carrier.

After you are pretty familiar with the features, options, instructions on using, safety measures, etc., you should look for your requirements and preferences. One carrier that would have been convenient to someone else may not be the perfect one for you. When choosing, make sure to look for healthy hip positioning for your baby, and your comfort matters too.

Now that you are all set on purchasing buy the one that best suits you and your little bundle of joy. Let your baby feel the warmth and snuggle up to you while you keep your hands free and go about your work.

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