A Stroller is an essential accessory in both your baby’s life and yours. After all, the stroller is how you will be taking your baby out and about with you. Don’t worry about taking your baby with you while traveling. You can explore all that Australia has to offer with the help of your baby stroller. However, handling the baby strollers correctly is vital. Following are a few tips on handling your stroller safely.

Safety Requirements of the Manufacturer

Once your purchase your baby stroller, always check the instructions and warning labels. Make sure you have read and understood the general safety requirements. You are assured of specific minimum safety requirements, such as Wheel locking, Seat locking, and even Safety belts. All these details are vital to keeping your baby safe inside the stroller.

What you can do to Keep your Baby Safe in the Stroller:

Ensure your baby is securely fastened

Making sure that your little one is strapped on properly is your number one priority. Always be aware of the click of the harness. Even if you are in a hurry, double-check that your baby’s belt has been firmly fastened.


Be aware of where you place your Stroller

Placing your stroller in a safe place is critical. When you’re out for a walk or you’re at the mall, there can be slopes and dangerous corners. Even if the stroller is locked, it could tip or roll away, so it is always safer to be aware of where you place your stroller.

Don’t leave the Stroller out in the Sun

Australia can get pretty warm during the summer. Therefore, be careful where you place your stroller. Ensure you cover the stroller so your baby has proper shade from the sun. Direct sunlight can be sensitive to your baby’s skin. It is also harmful to your baby if the metal parts of the stroller get heated.

Keep an eye on your Baby

Your baby should be within your visibility. Even your baby feels safe and secure when they have sight of you. The ideal requirement is for you to have one hand on the stroller. However, if this is not always practical, make sure you stay within the range of your baby and the stroller. If it comes to an emergency, you will be able to grab hold of the stroller.

Don’t let your Baby sleep overnight

There are times when your baby has fallen asleep peacefully in the stroller. The last thing you want to do is wake your baby up. After all, they may be exhausted from their trip outside. However, do not let your baby sleep through the night inside the stroller. It could suffocate your baby. This advice is generally notified in your baby strollers warning label.

Be attentive when your baby is playing with toys

There are times when you give your baby a small toy or even a sound toy to play with. Basically, something to keep them entertained. While it will keep your baby happy, it could be a choking hazard. Next time you give your baby a toy, make sure it is safe or keep an eye on your baby.

Store bags in the given compartments

Most Baby Strollers come equipped with a compartment to store bags and other necessities. Always place your bags or baby’s essentials in those given spaces under the seat. Never hang your bags on the handles of the stroller.

Don’t fold and store your stroller near your baby

When folding your stroller, ensure that you do it away from your baby. As they are inquisitive and love touching things, they could get their fingers stuck in the hinges. Curious little minds love getting into trouble, and they could get trapped by the weight of the stroller. Whenever you’re not using the stroller, pack it away safely and keep it out of reach.

In Conclusion

Following these safety tips will ensure you keep your baby safe while using your baby stroller. The methods mentioned above are not hard to do. It is a list of vital information to remember when using baby strollers. Ensuring your baby is safe and happy the next time you take them for a stroll.

newborn pram

A Pram for a Newborn baby is an essential part of their lifestyle. Not only do babies need a pram, but as a parent, a pram is vital to carrying and transporting a baby efficiently. Thus, making the pram a requisite part of our baby gear. A pram comes in the form of a wheeled carriage, with the body shaped like a boat, that allows the baby to lay in a fully reclined position. The prams can carry a baby or a child of up to 9kg.

In 2018 according to statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, there were 303,029 babies born to 298,630 mothers in Australia. These data show that with the increase in babies being born, the need for prams has increased. Yet, there should be awareness on choosing suitable prams for a newborn.

With the perfect pram, your newborn will have a safe space to sleep, sit and be comfortable. As a parent, you tend to have baby essentials or even shopping to carry around. Having to carry extra diapers, clothes, and even food in a backpack can be a hassle. Most prams provide storage compartments, which can accommodate these essentials. Therefore, when choosing a pram for a newborn, you should also check the additional features you get. After all, when purchasing your pram, it should be worth the money you spend.

Nevertheless, finding the best pram for a newborn isn’t easy. Before deciding on what pram to purchase, it is essential to consider safety, lifestyle, family size, and value for money.

What should I consider when choosing a pram?

When choosing a pram for your newborn, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Is it newborn-friendly? 

 It is vital for Newborn babies ‘ growth that they lie flat and not strain their neck. At least up to 6 months, a baby should be placed flat for spinal growth and development. Therefore, putting your baby in an upright position or a seated position is not recommended. A pram is, then, the suggested choice for a newborn.

However, you do get prams and strollers that are versatile and come with a bassinet attachment to accommodate newborn babies. They could be used as a stroller with reclining capabilities for when your baby outgrows the bassinet stage. It is ideal for parents who hope to expand their families or already have a toddler. Prams and strollers that are adjustable are also perfect for use from newborn to toddler. Currently, in Australia, this option is available. You can find these prams and strollers in popular models such as Baccani Cavallo, Bacani Pletora, and Baccani Lusso. All these prams have features excellent from newborn to toddler, making a parent’s life that much easier.

newborn pram

Is it safe for my newborn?

Safety measures to check before choosing a pram for your newborn include:

Basic Safety Requirements

It is essential to make sure the pram you are looking at meets the basic safety requirements. After all, your baby’s safety is key. Prams and Strollers sold in Australia have to meet mandatory safety guidelines. These guidelines are known as the voluntary Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2088:2000 ‘Prams and strollers—safety requirements.’ The brakes, harness, head barrier, tether strap, informative labels, and performance testing of the prams are made according to these guidelines. The instructions found are relevant to the safety of the prams. Always ensure that the pram you purchase has satisfied these rules.

Other safety features

Check to see if the pram is stable. Test the pram by pushing it lightly or rocking it from side to side to ensure that the pram won’t tip over. Make sure the prams tire locking mechanism works. The pram should be able to be locked in to place securely when in use and not collapse.

The pram you purchase should come equipped with a safety harness. The harness should be easy to adjust and fasten. It should also stay in place once attached.

Check the pram to ensure your baby’s hands or feet won’t get trapped or caught in any unnecessary spaces or hinges.

Your baby pram should have a cover to shade the baby from sunlight. After all, babies can be sensitive to harsh light and get burnt.


Is it user-friendly for you?

As you will be the one pushing the pram, it is time to consider if the pram in choice fits you and your lifestyle as well. When choosing the pram for your newborn, you need to see if it is user-friendly.

The pram you choose for your newborn should be car-friendly. It should be easy to place and lock securely to the car seat. If you use public transport, then your pram should be easy to move around and comfortable to use. Say you have an active lifestyle, then the pram you choose should fit in with your schedules.

The height of the handles of the pram should be accessible and suit your height. The pram size and weight are important as well. For example, will you be able to carry it upstairs, take it through the front door or have enough space to store the pram when not in use? These are all factors to take into account when finding the ideal pram for a newborn.

How long and where will you use it? 

Think of how long you plan to use your baby pram. Is it only a newborn pram your looking for? Do you want the pram to convert to a stroller? There are so many possibilities. Sometimes, the practical choice may be to get a pram that is suitable for newborns to toddlers. Ideally, if you’re a growing family and for budgetary purposes.

The durability of the pram is essential. If you are an active parent and want to take your newborn out with you, you need to choose a durable and easy to maneuver pram.

Once you get your Pram

You finally found the perfect pram. It ticks all your boxes and is safe for your newborn. Now comes the task of using your pram safely and ensuring your little one is happy and comfortable in it. Cozy pram liners and extra accessories go a long way in keeping your baby warm and safe within the pram. Those additional features and accessories that you add to your baby’s pram not only make it stylish but convenient for both you and the baby. You can find all these accessories and more at Baccani Prams Australia.