Baby Carriers, Do I Need One?

Baby Carriers

Have you ever wondered how handy a baby carrier would be in your life as a parent? Can you imagine how much your tiny precious would love to feel your warmth all day long? When you consider both these factors, it confirms the best option for you and your baby is nothing but a baby carrier.

When your little baby is new to the world, your baby indeed is looking for the warmth felt before they were born. It is also certain that you would be swaddling your baby to stay warm. Anyhow, there’s no argument in saying that no matter how warm and cozy they would feel in a blanket, given a preference, your baby would definitely choose your arms. Babies love to cuddle up to you and feel your warmth all day long.

So, let’s see the practicality of carrying a baby in your arms while engaged in your day-to-day tasks. It is a fact that nothing means more to you than your little baby; however, carrying him for long hours is going to bring so much discomfort to your hands and especially your spine. Remember, when you have your baby in your arms while being engaged in something, it will surely cause you significant discomfort over time. This is where a baby carrier would come in handy. Let’s look into the types of baby carriers we find in the market. They come in three main styles, wraps, slings, and structured carriers.

Baby Wrap

The baby wrap is a long, soft, stretchy piece of fabric you could adjust and tie around your body, usually over your shoulders and around the stomach area, to form a baby carrier.


A sling is a broad piece of cloth that goes over one shoulder and across the mid-section of your body to form a carrier.

Baby Carriers

Structured Carrier

This backpack-styled carrier is formed by fitting its straps over your shoulder and placing the padded carrying space on your chest or back. These are called Soft Structured Carriers, so if you ever come across a term as “SSC” while you hunt, this is what they are referring to.

If we further elaborate, isn’t it easy if you could find the difference between a baby wrap, a sling, and a baby carrier in a straightforward way?

A baby wrap and a sling have a common element because they both have long single-piece fabrics that you can specifically use for newborns. Usually, the wraps and slings both come in one single size. Baby slings are the most basic type of carrier and can be easily worn over one shoulder and across your torso. The final formation of this is more like a pouch, in which you can place the baby’s head and neck properly without causing any discomfort.

Slings work best for babies in the cradle position. The most preferred and chosen style for slings is the ring sling carriers. While baby slings are comfortable and ideal for babies up to 4 months, it is imperative to follow all safety guidelines mainly because slings tend to pose a suffocation hazard.

If you look much closer into the wraps, you will notice that it can be used in many different positions even though it is a one-piece fabric. It allows you to wrap it up in different ways around your body. Another positive aspect of the wrap is, unlike the sling, it grows with the baby and ultimately can hold a baby weighing up to 35 pounds. Adding to the benefits of a wrap, you can adjust it to distribute your baby’s weight. This will keep you comfortable while carrying the baby for an extended period. Since the wrap is worn over both your shoulders, it’s much more comfortable than the sling, as again, it distributes the weight equally. The other advantage of the wrap is that you can position your baby inwards or outwards facing in the wrap.

Compared to the sling and the wrap, the baby carrier has a more structured design. Also, the pouch that it creates can be comfortable for your baby, and that’s why ultimately, among all options, most parents prefer the baby carrier. Additionally, the baby carriers are more suitable for older babies and toddlers who can hold up their heads.

How to wrap a baby carrier?

Anybody who looks from the outside might wonder if that stretchy piece of fabric wrapped around you is strong enough to hold your precious little baby. For some, it might even look like magic that you have entangled around yourself to free your arms. So, while letting people wonder, it is essential to know the perfect and proper steps to wrap the baby carrier.

Firstly, you should take that long piece of cloth and keep the logo right below your bust area and take the two sides to the back and cross over your shoulder to form an X from behind. Now that the wrap is again on the front, take the whole piece and pull it under the fabric covering the bust area. Then cross it over to form an X from the front too. Now take the remaining edges, send the material behind, and wrap it around. Then, take the edges of the wrap to the front, tie a knot, and safely secure to the side.

Remember, if you want your baby relatively closer to you, the initial step of wrapping the cloth area around the bust area can be a little higher. The higher you tie it, the closer your baby will be. Once you put your baby in the wrap, take the front covering area and adjust it in a way that would keep your baby comfortable and resting in a proper position. Also, it’s essential to be familiar with the T.I.C.K.S rule when positioning your baby inside the wrap.

Baby Carriers

How to use an Ergo Baby carrier?

On your lookout for the perfect baby carrier? The Ergo baby carrier is one of the best brands to look into. If you ever happen to look into Ergo baby carriers, you will be amazed to see the options and variety of carriers they offer you. To name a few, they got Aerloom, Omni 360, Embrace,360, Adapt, Original, and the list goes on.

The Ergo Baby carriers come with different features to meet your personal requirements. Since they have a massive collection, it’ll not be a daunting experience, and your search will be straightforward and convenient. Be it an Ergo Baby carrier, or another brand, make sure to look for broad, padded shoulder straps as well as a wide waist strap.

Safety Points to Remember

While looking into your and the baby’s comfort, it is crucial to know the hazards associated with baby slings, wraps, and carriers. Be aware of how you place the baby inside the pouch area as the primary hazard related to baby wraps is that baby can suffocate. Therefore, make sure that the baby’s face is not pressed against your body.

The other point to consider is to watch your step always. Losing balance or tripping can cause serious injury to the baby if not held up properly. Also, it is very important to be considerate when bending down as you have to pay proper attention to hold the baby constantly, or else there is a chance that the baby could get dropped off from the wrap.

Further, it is necessary to go through the carrier’s instructions that you purchase as it will educate you on the essential steps and tricks to follow while using the baby carrier.

After you are pretty familiar with the features, options, instructions on using, safety measures, etc., you should look for your requirements and preferences. One carrier that would have been convenient to someone else may not be the perfect one for you. When choosing, make sure to look for healthy hip positioning for your baby, and your comfort matters too.

Now that you are all set on purchasing buy the one that best suits you and your little bundle of joy. Let your baby feel the warmth and snuggle up to you while you keep your hands free and go about your work.

pram and car seat in one

A Stroller is an essential accessory in both your baby’s life and yours. After all, the stroller is how you will be taking your baby out and about with you. Don’t worry about taking your baby with you while traveling. You can explore all that Australia has to offer with the help of your baby stroller. However, handling the baby strollers correctly is vital. Following are a few tips on handling your stroller safely.

Safety Requirements of the Manufacturer

Once your purchase your baby stroller, always check the instructions and warning labels. Make sure you have read and understood the general safety requirements. You are assured of specific minimum safety requirements, such as Wheel locking, Seat locking, and even Safety belts. All these details are vital to keeping your baby safe inside the stroller.

What you can do to Keep your Baby Safe in the Stroller:

Ensure your baby is securely fastened

Making sure that your little one is strapped on properly is your number one priority. Always be aware of the click of the harness. Even if you are in a hurry, double-check that your baby’s belt has been firmly fastened.


Be aware of where you place your Stroller

Placing your stroller in a safe place is critical. When you’re out for a walk or you’re at the mall, there can be slopes and dangerous corners. Even if the stroller is locked, it could tip or roll away, so it is always safer to be aware of where you place your stroller.

Don’t leave the Stroller out in the Sun

Australia can get pretty warm during the summer. Therefore, be careful where you place your stroller. Ensure you cover the stroller so your baby has proper shade from the sun. Direct sunlight can be sensitive to your baby’s skin. It is also harmful to your baby if the metal parts of the stroller get heated.

Keep an eye on your Baby

Your baby should be within your visibility. Even your baby feels safe and secure when they have sight of you. The ideal requirement is for you to have one hand on the stroller. However, if this is not always practical, make sure you stay within the range of your baby and the stroller. If it comes to an emergency, you will be able to grab hold of the stroller.

Don’t let your Baby sleep overnight

There are times when your baby has fallen asleep peacefully in the stroller. The last thing you want to do is wake your baby up. After all, they may be exhausted from their trip outside. However, do not let your baby sleep through the night inside the stroller. It could suffocate your baby. This advice is generally notified in your baby strollers warning label.

Be attentive when your baby is playing with toys

There are times when you give your baby a small toy or even a sound toy to play with. Basically, something to keep them entertained. While it will keep your baby happy, it could be a choking hazard. Next time you give your baby a toy, make sure it is safe or keep an eye on your baby.

Store bags in the given compartments

Most Baby Strollers come equipped with a compartment to store bags and other necessities. Always place your bags or baby’s essentials in those given spaces under the seat. Never hang your bags on the handles of the stroller.

Don’t fold and store your stroller near your baby

When folding your stroller, ensure that you do it away from your baby. As they are inquisitive and love touching things, they could get their fingers stuck in the hinges. Curious little minds love getting into trouble, and they could get trapped by the weight of the stroller. Whenever you’re not using the stroller, pack it away safely and keep it out of reach.

In Conclusion

Following these safety tips will ensure you keep your baby safe while using your baby stroller. The methods mentioned above are not hard to do. It is a list of vital information to remember when using baby strollers. Ensuring your baby is safe and happy the next time you take them for a stroll.

newborn pram

A Pram for a Newborn baby is an essential part of their lifestyle. Not only do babies need a pram, but as a parent, a pram is vital to carrying and transporting a baby efficiently. Thus, making the pram a requisite part of our baby gear. A pram comes in the form of a wheeled carriage, with the body shaped like a boat, that allows the baby to lay in a fully reclined position. The prams can carry a baby or a child of up to 9kg.

In 2018 according to statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, there were 303,029 babies born to 298,630 mothers in Australia. These data show that with the increase in babies being born, the need for prams has increased. Yet, there should be awareness on choosing suitable prams for a newborn.

With the perfect pram, your newborn will have a safe space to sleep, sit and be comfortable. As a parent, you tend to have baby essentials or even shopping to carry around. Having to carry extra diapers, clothes, and even food in a backpack can be a hassle. Most prams provide storage compartments, which can accommodate these essentials. Therefore, when choosing a pram for a newborn, you should also check the additional features you get. After all, when purchasing your pram, it should be worth the money you spend.

Nevertheless, finding the best pram for a newborn isn’t easy. Before deciding on what pram to purchase, it is essential to consider safety, lifestyle, family size, and value for money.

What should I consider when choosing a pram?

When choosing a pram for your newborn, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Is it newborn-friendly? 

 It is vital for Newborn babies ‘ growth that they lie flat and not strain their neck. At least up to 6 months, a baby should be placed flat for spinal growth and development. Therefore, putting your baby in an upright position or a seated position is not recommended. A pram is, then, the suggested choice for a newborn.

However, you do get prams and strollers that are versatile and come with a bassinet attachment to accommodate newborn babies. They could be used as a stroller with reclining capabilities for when your baby outgrows the bassinet stage. It is ideal for parents who hope to expand their families or already have a toddler. Prams and strollers that are adjustable are also perfect for use from newborn to toddler. Currently, in Australia, this option is available. You can find these prams and strollers in popular models such as Baccani Cavallo, Bacani Pletora, and Baccani Lusso. All these prams have features excellent from newborn to toddler, making a parent’s life that much easier.

newborn pram

Is it safe for my newborn?

Safety measures to check before choosing a pram for your newborn include:

Basic Safety Requirements

It is essential to make sure the pram you are looking at meets the basic safety requirements. After all, your baby’s safety is key. Prams and Strollers sold in Australia have to meet mandatory safety guidelines. These guidelines are known as the voluntary Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2088:2000 ‘Prams and strollers—safety requirements.’ The brakes, harness, head barrier, tether strap, informative labels, and performance testing of the prams are made according to these guidelines. The instructions found are relevant to the safety of the prams. Always ensure that the pram you purchase has satisfied these rules.

Other safety features

Check to see if the pram is stable. Test the pram by pushing it lightly or rocking it from side to side to ensure that the pram won’t tip over. Make sure the prams tire locking mechanism works. The pram should be able to be locked in to place securely when in use and not collapse.

The pram you purchase should come equipped with a safety harness. The harness should be easy to adjust and fasten. It should also stay in place once attached.

Check the pram to ensure your baby’s hands or feet won’t get trapped or caught in any unnecessary spaces or hinges.

Your baby pram should have a cover to shade the baby from sunlight. After all, babies can be sensitive to harsh light and get burnt.


Is it user-friendly for you?

As you will be the one pushing the pram, it is time to consider if the pram in choice fits you and your lifestyle as well. When choosing the pram for your newborn, you need to see if it is user-friendly.

The pram you choose for your newborn should be car-friendly. It should be easy to place and lock securely to the car seat. If you use public transport, then your pram should be easy to move around and comfortable to use. Say you have an active lifestyle, then the pram you choose should fit in with your schedules.

The height of the handles of the pram should be accessible and suit your height. The pram size and weight are important as well. For example, will you be able to carry it upstairs, take it through the front door or have enough space to store the pram when not in use? These are all factors to take into account when finding the ideal pram for a newborn.

How long and where will you use it? 

Think of how long you plan to use your baby pram. Is it only a newborn pram your looking for? Do you want the pram to convert to a stroller? There are so many possibilities. Sometimes, the practical choice may be to get a pram that is suitable for newborns to toddlers. Ideally, if you’re a growing family and for budgetary purposes.

The durability of the pram is essential. If you are an active parent and want to take your newborn out with you, you need to choose a durable and easy to maneuver pram.

Once you get your Pram

You finally found the perfect pram. It ticks all your boxes and is safe for your newborn. Now comes the task of using your pram safely and ensuring your little one is happy and comfortable in it. Cozy pram liners and extra accessories go a long way in keeping your baby warm and safe within the pram. Those additional features and accessories that you add to your baby’s pram not only make it stylish but convenient for both you and the baby. You can find all these accessories and more at Baccani Prams Australia.

feeding baby

Everything went well when my little one used to sit on her baby high chair and have cereal for her meal. Over the next few months, there she is, playing with her food, swiping the spoon, and putting her hand inside her food bowl, literally playing with her food. All I can see is a mess, and she’s sitting there with food all over her face and hands. If you are parents of a toddler, we share the same story. Many of us do.

Most parents I work with feel that letting their kids play and have food all over them isn’t healthy and sees it as an ignorant act. Well, I would say, keep that bib away and let them get messy. Let them touch their food and mess around, seated safely on their high chairs. And you, my dear buddy, make sure you don’t feel disgusted when they are doing it.

Once at a birthday party of one of my closest friends. I was feeding my little girl Jesse, and one parent with a baby close to Jesse’s age said, “God!” “You make her feed herself like that?”. I looked at Jesse, and she was comfortably seated on a high chair, putting her entire hand in a bowl of applesauce and then stuffing her hand back inside her mouth. On the other hand, she grabbed some noodles, which I had kept in her tray. Others could see applesauce smeared on her face, ears, and hands, and all I can see is my baby eating and enjoying her food well, which she doesn’t usually do. It doesn’t matter to me whether she’s at a party or home; I let her play with her food and enjoy them in her way. My years’ work as a therapist rewarded me with experience and learning. This time gave me much patience and the ability to handle all these messes. So, I explained to my dear friend why they should let their kids get messy with food.

feeding baby

It made me think of the many times this discussion took place among my friends and families. And made me realize this particular topic was common with parents and highly important. So I should write a post and explain it to parents out there. Here are four vital reasons you should allow your babes to play and get messy with their food during mealtime. Read and educate yourself on handling the mess or embracing it dearly as I do now.

1.It wakes up the senses.

It is more than eating. This act of being inquisitive awakens your toddler’s senses and allows them to learn social and cultural norms. The tactile stimulation they get from playing with food produces a lot more important information for their brain to process and, in turn, create more enlightened and new responses. Can you let your toddler play with sand and finger paint? The answer is no because they’ll eat it. Thus, this is the best way possible at this stage of your babies’ growth.

2.”Yes, I can feed myself!”

They make their hands get messy with food, put them in their mouth, and then comes the great realization that when they put their hands with food in their mouth, they get food. There’s this great feeling they feel as realization hits ‘I can feed myself. It sets a perfect foundation for spoon-feeding. They do not know to spoon-feed themselves initially. But in a few months, they will accomplish eating with a spoon. The motion of food moving from hand to mouth will help them grasp it soon!


3.Prevent tactile defensiveness.

If babies aren’t exposed to different sensations and textures, they can become sensitive to new textures over time. If you continuously try to wipe the spoon and napkin to keep the baby clean. Or you’re trying to stop them from dirtying the baby high chair. It can make them feel uncomfortable. And they will reach a stage where getting messy makes them feel uncomfortable as it is a new sensation for them. Not that you will intentionally teach your baby tactile defensiveness. However, tactile defensive babies generally show early signs as a baby.

feeding baby


4.Meal time = positive time

As I always stress, keeping mealtime positive is paramount. Are you compelling your baby to wipe their hands and face after each bite? And trying to stop them from grabbing the spoon? Well, that doesn’t create a positive mealtime for your baby. Letting your child get messy and play with food keeps a laid-back flow to the whole meal; hence, it’s a positive interaction. And a gives your baby a happy feeling.

Indeed, they need to learn table manners at a young age. As parents, we must stop them if they are playing with food for the sake of playing and wasting food. But if they are getting messy just by eating, let them get messy. It is a crucial learning process for your toddler. Trying to keep them clean continuously or feed them without a mess may demotivate them to self-learn and get exposed to a beautiful sensory experience. If you notice your kid playing too much with food, provide them with finger paint and play in sensory bins.


Try to avoid:

  • Scrapping the food dribbled out of the toddler’s face using a spoon. It can annoy them and make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Wiping the tray off more frequently. Unless it disturbs your child’s finger feeding ability. The mess on the high chair tray is a wonderful sensory play that your baby will enjoy.
  • Wiping hands and face. It is completely okay to have some food on the baby’s face, ears and hair. Let them play around.
pram and car seat in one

An underestimated challenge of having a newborn is the issue of transportation. A lot of items, like bottles, diapers, and blankets are usually essential when taking your baby out. Plus, if you’re driving, a car seat or baby capsule is necessary. Which begs the question of which is better? Let’s look at both objectively;

Baby Capsules

These are convertible transport systems that are light and portable. Plus, you could pair it with a frame to convert it into a pram. These are usually light and easy to move around. You can strap the baby in and move the capsule instead, thus avoiding disturbing the child. These are best for newborns under 6 months of age.

It is, however, strongly recommended not to leave the child in the capsule for too long. This is because the positioning of the body may lead to the head tilting forward. As a small child’s neck muscles and bones aren’t fully developed it can cause the windpipe to get blocked. Further, it may affect spine development due to the curved nature.

As such, most experts recommend that, while short naps during a ride would cause no issues so long as the parent or a caretaker is around, extended stays in a capsule may be detrimental to a baby’s health.

With 2 hours the most allowable, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue as the baby will need to be changed and/or fed during then, or the journey most often would no last that long either.

Baby Capsules: Features

Removable baby capsules are usually packed with features and storage space to make traveling with the baby easier. Things like straps to hold them in place, holders for bottles, and a strap by which to hold the capsule are common.

They most often come with a cushion that protects the baby’s head in addition to keeping it steady. And because of their universal design, they can be used for the younger siblings as well.

One main convenience is that capsules can be paired with certain stroller frames which reduces the total amount of things you’d need to bring along. That is to say, you could avoid taking a whole pram that would take up a lot of space and instead, use just a stroller frame where the capsule can be attached.

This makes it very convenient for parents who are on the go, and need to move the child often. It’s also less troublesome for the baby. Another perk is that they are compact and easy to handle making movement less inconvenient and awkward.

Tips on Purchasing

While the capsule itself is one item, you may need to keep in mind that the convertible pram bases may not be included. And this can only be used up until the baby is 6 months old. But, because of this, some parents opt towards renting one for that same period, so this is something you can consider as well.

With that let us consider the ups and downs of a baby capsule;


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can be easily detached and taken along
  • When used as a pram and capsule combo it can be cost-effective


  • Depending on the preference of the baby it may be uncomfortable
  • It can only be used for around half a year
  • Constant supervision is required
  • An upgrade to a car seat will become necessary when the baby grows

Baby Car Seat

These seats are attached to the car seat via straps and are not designed to be very portable. Usually, there is a semi-permanent base that you need to attach to the actual seat, and the baby car seat fixes onto that. This could allow for the use of the same seat in different vehicles if need be, by using an additional base.

They are meant to act as a restraint for a child while in the vehicle and cannot be used to carry the child in them by hand. However, they can be used for a long time (from about 6 months to 8 years depending on the type).

When purchasing it is important to consider the age of your infant as well as the required restraint for that size.

Car seats typically come as these types;

  • Forward-facing
  • Rear Facing
  • Convertible
  • Booster seats

Forward Facing

These seats aren’t suitable for children up to 6 months or with similar sizes. Depending on the region’s laws, they may not be allowed for newborns of at least 6 months of age. But they can be used for up to 7-8 years and are built to last around the same period.

Rear Facing

Generally safer and recommended these seats are essentially backward facing car seats. In the unfortunate event of a crash, the force will be more evenly distributed better avoiding strain on the still-developing neck of infants. They are usable up to the specifications listed by the maker of the baby seat and the car manufacture.


With the best of both worlds, these seats can be switched accordingly. But the maximum allowed for the rear-facing option might be less than a rear-only facing seat. They are also sometimes larger than the aforementioned types so you’d need to check if it would fit in the vehicle. Some can be used as a baby car seat and pram combo.

Booster Seats

Usually, they can be just the lower part of the seat the elevates the child so that they can safely use the normal seatbelt. That is so that it goes over their chest and not across the neck or face.


Car seats come with adjustable harnesses which allows for prolonged use as the child grows.

Tips on Purchasing

One thing you may need to consider is that accessories are available with certain models which might end up more costly in the big picture. Let’s look at the plus and minus points of a car seat;


  • Usable for over a long period and is thus economical
  • Is usually made to last and is thus quite durable
  • Provides a safer journey for the child


  • Not portable so can only be used as a seat and can be paired with a pram
  • It doesn’t reduce the overall number of things you need to take with you
  • If the child is sleeping, they may get disturbed when picking them up to move them
  • They aren’t suitable for very young children, like newborns under 6 months

3 in 1 Combination travel systems

Even if you were to choose either a capsule or a baby seat, a pram or pram with a car capsule would be another needed item in your inventory. But what if you could have all three in one package? That is what a combination travel system offers.

With the ability to serve as a pram to take your child on foot, or by carrying them, and then go where travel to where you want to, using the car seat function. These systems although convenient come at a costly price. Nevertheless, it might save you from spending additional money on separate systems.

General Tips for Either Option

Along with the previous specific tips, these general ones can also be followed;

  • Safety or Regulations seal -This can differ according to where you are but it’s best to check if it is approved by any important agency or institution and whether the product was recalled with any defects.
  • Size- Both the size of the baby, as well as your own car, should be noted when choosing. It would be a hassle in case the straps or harness don’t fit properly. And most importantly the child should be able to comfortably travel in it.
  • Adjustable backrest- This is more focused on prams and capsules. I function to let the baby rest on a flat surface would be the most beneficial and healthy for them.
  • Ease of access- It should be fairly simple or quick (depending on whether it’s a baby capsule, pram, or baby car seat) to attach, remove and use.
  • Room for storage- It’s never a bad idea to bring along more of the babies’ items with you so plenty of storage would be a good thing to look out for.
  • Maintenance- It should be easy to wipe off stains and clean as there is a good chance it could get messy.

All in all, it depends on the parents’ lifestyle and the purchasing ability available to them. Plus, each baby and child will have their own needs that need to be taken into account. So, it’s best not only to look at the traveling system itself but also at the needs of the family that will be using it.

Baccani Prams” is crowned as the supplier of the most standard & most hygienic baby prams in Australia. Our baby prams contain all the items that must be in a good stroller. Order right now the world-assured “Baccani Prams” & enjoy the delicate summer vibes with your beloved infants in your next vacation.

double pram prams for sale

A key point in the life of new parents is purchasing a baby pram for the little one. In an age where one of the two parents is at work constantly, a pram is a necessity. A pram enables a parent to transport their child out of the house with as little hassle as possible. A pram also provides an alternative to carrying the child constantly. Visits to the pediatrician or walks around the local park are made much easier with a baby pram. All these factors above make it impervious that you make a proper decision when selecting the best prams in Australia for you.

There are many different types of baby prams in Australia to choose from and several brands. If you do not do your research, a visit to a store to scope baby prams for sale can turn into a nightmare. But conversely, this enormous choice will guarantee that you can find the best baby pram. Since baby prams are quite expensive, blind research is not recommended. Hence a reliable guide to buying one will go a long way.

What is the difference between a baby stroller and a baby pram?

The answer is simple, and knowing it is the first step in deciding your baby’s first set of wheels.

  • Baby Stroller: Generally, refers to models that seat the baby or child in an upright position
  • Baby Pram: Are usually models that occupy the child in a horizontal/sleeping position
  • Keep in mind that these terms are used interchangeably in modern days, since most models support both positions.

Different types of baby prams and baby strollers

To accommodate use cases of both parent and child, there exist a variety of baby prams in Australia. These differ mainly upon their core design or how many wheels they have

  • Jogger stroller / Jogger prams

    These are aimed at parents who engage in physical activity/want to lose weight.

    • Pros: The parent can keep fit while looking after the baby, this also aids post- natal recovery. Inclusion of 3 large wheels that make rolling easy and absorbs the shocks generated by a faster movement pace.
    • Cons: Heavier and harder to assemble and cannot be folded into a small size. Some of them may not be built for fast activities – especially the cheaper ones (Its best to purchase a genuine jogger pram designed for that purpose)
  • Double stroller / Double pram

For the lucky few of you that get twins or have more than one toddler, a double stroller or double pram is the way to go. Managing 2 babies is double the trouble, choosing the correct double pram will save you time and sanity.

There are 3 different types of this pram: Side by side strollers, tandem strollers, and single seat strollers with an additional detachable seat.

Side by side prams / Side by side strollers: Like the name implies, this has 2 seats next to each other.

    • Pros: Keeping a close eye on both kids at the same time is easy. Both the little ones can interact with each other when going out for walks. And generally, there are no limitations to the positioning of the babies, and both can recline fully.
    • Cons: Side by side strollers are quite wide and might not fit through narrow passages or doorways. And they are quite heavy so your hubby will need to give you a hand when packing it. You will also need to take additional steps to make sure it fits into your cars boot and keep the same in mind when ordering a taxi

Lusso double prams baby prams in Australia

  • Tandem prams / Tandem strollers: These seat one baby in front of the other
    • Pros: Can fit through narrow spaces unlike side-by-side prams
    • Cons: Due to their length you will find it hard to reach things in front of it, like opening a door. Some tandem prams offer low to no visibility of the baby in the front seat. The front seat may not be able to recline fully due to the back seat. Again, make sure it can fit in your car’s boot and the average taxicab.
  • Single sear strollers/prams with an additional seat: Some strollers come with an extra seat that you can attach if you get a 2nd baby down the road.
    • Pros: Cost saving since you do not need a new pram. Pram size and maneuverability will remain almost the same (it will be heavier). You save yourself time by not having to research for a new pram.
    • Cons: Very little flexibility in the attachable seat, far less than the main seat. If the attachment procedure is not followed properly, it can be a risk to the safety of the toddler.


  • Layback stroller / Layback pram
    • This is the ideal pram for newborns or toddlers. They feature positions where the baby can sit up or lie down flat.
      The spinal cord of the child will be well supported regardless of age. These prams are also usually lightweight.
  • Lightweight and umbrella

A pram geared at the parent who is on the move, or who does not always have a helping hand.

    • Pros: Boasting features like lightweight construction and portability, this is truly one of the easiest prams to manage.
    • Cons: Not suitable for use with a newborn, it is recommended that the child be six months or older. Unless the pram is specifically made for older children.
  • Travel setup / Travel system
    Here the baby car seat and the stroller/pram are both combined into one tidy solution. It is suitable for parents who drive with their baby often.
    • Pros: Quick switching of the baby from stroller to car since the car seat connectsto the stroller seamlessly. Disturbance to the baby during a switch is minimal.Cost efficiency by purchasing both in one package.
    • Cons: Certain cars may be too small to fit certain travel setups (checkdimensions before you buy!). Your baby can outgrow the baby car seat faster than the stroller, meaning a costly replacement. Generally higher in cost than a single unit.
  • Convertible strollers / Convertible prams

           The all-in-one solution,often

    • Pros: They are designed to change and adapt according to the parent’s requirements over the course of a child’s life. Support a wide range of seating positions. Wide range of models to choose from. No need to continuously upgrade the stroller when your baby grows.
    • Cons: Not as lightweight as umbrella prams. High initial cost.
  • Car seat prams / Car seat carriers

Like a Travel setup but different. It is primarily meant for use as an infant car seat but can transform into a stroller instantly.

    • Pros: Convenience of always having a stroller in the car for emergencies. Lightweight construction. Fast transition between modes.
    • Cons: As babies tend to outgrow car seats quickly, it will need to be replaced comparatively sooner.

Three wheelers or Four wheelers?

Three-wheel prams are easier to push around thanks to their large wheels that can pivot easily. They also absorb bumps better. Problems arise due to reports of three wheeled prams rolling away or tipping when turning corners.

Four-wheel prams offer more resistance when being pushed and their turning circle is not as good. The ride is also a bit rough since all 4 wheels are subjected to bumps on the road. But ultimately, they are the safest for your baby.

Tips when buying a pram

Armed with this information, you can confidently search though the many baby prams for sale. Here are some tips that will provide further assistance in picking the best prams in Australia.

  • Select a pram that can fold up into a compact size
    • A pram is quite a large apparatus. If it cannot fold up properly and easily, it can make life difficult for you.
    • Check how much time it takes to fold the pram up. Check if you can do it in a smooth manner. Some prams are incredibly complex and tough to fold up and reassemble.
  • Ask yourself if the pram fits your lifestyle

For example, if you have 2 kids and walk frequently, it is advisable getting a reliable double stroller.

  • Check the load ratings of prams
    Some cheap prams come with a catch where its maximum load is quite low. Hence when your child grows you will eventually have to buy a new pram. Look for something that can carry 15 to 20 kilograms (weight of a child after which prams are not needed)
  • Safety features

Brakes: A good hard push while the brakes are locked can give you a good idea of their reliability. Take note if the brakes are linked and can be toggled via your foot. If so, you do not need to bend down every time you want to turn the brake on.

Straps and harnesses: A good tug will make sure they are secure. Check for easily adjustable straps (by you not the baby) that should ideally be padded.

Puncture proof tyre - baby prams australia

  • Preview the pram at a showroom
    – It pays to get a feel for what you are buying
    – Understandably in post COVID times like these, this is impossible. Check for video demonstrations of the pram instead.


  • Do not be price minded

There is nothing more valuable than the safety of your child and knowing it is in good hands will keep your head clear.

Hopefully, this guide helped you to choose the best pram for your baby. And we wish you and your kids the best of luck in future!

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Here we guide you on how to take your babe safely for a summer holiday in a baby stroller. Actually, babies feel the heat & cool more intensely rather than an adult because their mechanisms of controlling body temperature are less efficient. Then your decision will be not to go outside with your baby, just staying at home.

Is it wise not to go out with your babies during bright summer days?

But it is not the real solution. You must enjoy your life although you are bound with duties regarding your newborn kids. Meanwhile, it is very important to introduce your newborns to summer weather & temperature step by step. It may boost your kid’s immunity as well as letting him or her enjoy nature. Also, the placid sun rays would fulfill the whole need for vitamin D.

Therefore it’s better if you can use healthy baby strollers when you go out with your beloved newborns. On one hand, it will keep your kid cool & comfortable protecting from overheating sun rays. On the other hand, it will be a great relief for the parents as they won’t get exhausted carrying their newborns when traveling.

Why they need a stroller?

The biggest problem is that your baby cannot tell whenever he or she feels uncomfortable. Especially during overheating summer days, there is a high risk of getting sunstrokes to your cute & delicate baby. They are less able to sweat. Therefore it will be surely uneasy when the sun it’s strongest. That’s why here we recommend baby prams.

Overheating is extremely dangerous for kids under 6 months. Some recent researches also have revealed that overheating can cause even the baby sleep death also called SIDS.

However, many experts recommend not picking the hottest days & hottest hours in summer if you go out with your baby. Especially keep in mind not to choose from 10 am to 4 pm. Even when using a stroller, it’s better if you can avoid places with direct exposure to the sun. No matter how safe these baby prams are, always try to choose someplace with a shade of natural vegetation instead of full-exposed places like grounds & urban areas.

Tips to use a baby stroller effectively.

The baby stroller that you choose determines the comfort & hygiene of your newborn kiddos while you’re out for your summer vacation. Here are some tips to get a better baby pram to let your baby a happy journey.

  1. Suitable clothing for your babe.

Your little kid doesn’t suit overdressing for summer abroad as it causes heat rashes, sunburns, or heat strokes. The lightweight, loose cotton dresses & bamboo -made dresses are always recommended for this. Both of these materials can well absorb the sweat from the skin. Besides, it would be better if they are light color dresses.

  1. The fabric of a baby stroller.

The standard newborn baby prams usually have canopies made of breathable SPF50+ fabric. Also, there must be one or two mesh windows on the hood in order to increase airflow. The fresh air trickling from meshes would chill & keep your baby more active. However, this airflow effectively occurs only when you move the stroller.

It’s not good to choose baby strollers with thick hood fabrics. The canopy of a healthy & convenient baby stroller must always be large & extendable. Most summer days are sunny & windy. So, your child would be protected from sunburns if this stroller can extend & collect plenty of placid air within it.

  1. Also, concern about the color.

Actually why we must care about the color of our babies’ strollers? The scientific basis is that light colors can better reflect sun rays rather than absorbing. Then your baby would feel less sweaty even on the brightest summer days.

  1. Stroller Umbrella.

On a hot summer day with no wind, it’s better to use a stroller umbrella instead of the normal canopy as this hot & dry air can increase the risk of overheating. You can buy them in different brands. But it’s better to get it from the same brand that you’ve got your baby stroller.

Some parents cover the canopy or the whole baby stroller with towels, blankets, or nappies to keep their children safer & cooler. But bear in mind that it will be a great risk for your kid’s life.

  1. Extra canopy for extra safety.

As mentioned above, a normal blanket or muslin is not suitable for providing an extra shade. But sometimes we want some extra coverage on the stroller in order to protect your little angel from harsh UV rays & to keep the skin moisture. Besides, these covers are not the same as a normal blanket as they never interrupt airflow. They can make a defense against up to 99% of the harmful UVA & UVB rays protecting from skin cancers later in life. They are water repellent & can be used as a rain cover. It’s an extra advantage that these covers would fit any brand of baby strollers.

  1. Back panel.

Another tip to increase airflow & keep your baby cooler is removing the back panel of the baby stroller. This may allow greater ventilation for your kid. So when you are buying baby prams, check if there is a removable back panel.

  1. Seat liner.

The seat or bassinet of a hygienic stroller must be made of foam filling as it facilitates your infant’s back. A seat liner is an essential item of baby prams as it wicks the moisture when your kid is sweaty. Breathable fabric is better for this. This seat liner must be easily removable & machine-washable.

  1. Convenient & spacious bassinets.

The only & only way that your newborn can enjoy the pleasure of your holiday picnic is by wiggling around & cheering. That’s why it’s important to choose a stroller with a roomy bassinet. Your baby can easily be there without squeezing in the seats.

  1. Stroller fans.

We all know that kids can’t easily maintain their body temperature according to the climatic changes in the external environment. So when you are out on a bitterly hot summer day, the airflow through the mesh windows of baby prams won’t be enough. Then the best option is to attach a battery-operated fan to the stroller. The movements of the fan, its pleasant noise & tactile delicacy of circulating air, all these would keep your baby thrilled & active. It can be used both indoor & outdoor.

  1. Some easy cooling systems to keep your baby hydrated & cool.

When you are traveling in a park with your little kid on a hot summer day, it is essential to keep him or her hydrated.

  • Always feed with fluids.

The babies’ ability to sweating is considerably low. So, on such a warm day they would feel really hard & bitter. Therefore you must give them enough breast milk or a bottle of milk to facilitate their sweating process. It’s better to give some fluids intermittently though they are not asking. You must certainly increase your breastfeeding if your kid is less than 6 months. The older kids can be provided some fruit juice instead if they are boycotting water. However, in such a season, your older kid must get a 4oz bottle of extra water.

You can check if your baby has got enough fluids by comparing the wet diapers in comparison to normal & also by the smell & color of the urine.

  • Place some cool water bottles aside.

You can easily provide a cooling system for your baby while traveling in a stroller. Fill up 2/3 of bottles of water. Then freeze them & wrap them a towel. Then keep them on the side of the baby stroller. This simple method can prevent your baby from overheating & sunburns. But always be careful whether they are trying to unscrew the lids of those bottles as there is a risk of getting choked.

  • Cooler packs & wet towels.

You can place some cooler packs or pads under the cushion of the stroller. It would feel convenient for your infant’s back without getting heated no matter how many hours you are traveling. Otherwise, parents can wipe their kids with wet towels. When the air hits the wet skin, they would really feel chilled & refreshed. Remind that the towels must be soaked in cool water, not cold water.

  • Skincare tips.

Bear in mind to choose a chemical-free sunscreen specially made for infants. You must apply it 30 minutes before getting off. Then you must intermittently reapply it betwixt your journey. It will protect the baby’s skin from harmful sun rays.

Moms & dads! keep in mind!!!

As parents, you must intermittently check whether your baby is getting well or not. Getting the face flushed & red, getting the skin drier than usual, irritable or lazy behavioral patterns, fewer tears when crying, refusing the drinks & appearing the fontanelle sunken. These are the symptoms to prove that your baby is overheating.

Always try to keep the baby prams clean as it means that your baby is in a healthy zone free of pathogens & germs. Keep the stroller in the safest area in your house. Meanwhile, remind to take short intervals for every 15-30 minutes of walking.

Don’t try to keep the baby stroller fully shaded. It’s a horrible mistake that threatens your little angel’s life. Instead, apply a standard sunscreen as informed above. Don’t try to create a sauna condition (hot & humid) instead of a cool surrounding.

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Moms, The purpose of this article is informative. It is an overview of recent studies on Pregnancy. Always consult your health concerns and decisions with your doctor.

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