Comfort and Luxury: Two in One for your little bundles of joy!

Looking for luxury and comfort for your little ones to travel in style? Then the Baccani Lusso Double pram is just that! Having two different prams for your baby and toddler is not worth the cost and trouble for a growing family. With an array of features and an amazing price, the Lusso double pram is perfect, economical, and sure to check all those boxes and guarantee satisfaction.

A special feature of the double pram is the flexibility of its seating. It allows you to seat your children facing each other or even facing you. Now isn’t that great? So many options from this versatile pram that makes your life easier. No more stress of carrying your toddler in one hand and pushing the stroller with the other.

The maximum loads of the Lusso Double pram ensure that your little one is transported safely and securely. The bassinet can carry up to 9kg while Seat 1 and Seat 2 up to 20kg each. The pram comes with a retractable hood and a water-resistant canopy that is low in maintenance and high in durability, perfect for a day out of exploration.

The smart features that are found in this pram are sure to make your life easier and add a touch of elegance while taking your children out. The pram boasts puncture-proof wheels with suspension and a handlebar with 6 adjustable positions that you can adjust to your requirement and ease. To add to the functionality, it even has a 55cm backrest for taller kids. All in all, a great outdoor adventure pram for your kids with a toddler board compatibility for that added excitement.

We all know the hassle of going shopping with babies. They get restless easily, and the idea of carrying the shopping back while maneuvering your child is not an easy task. The Baccani Lusso Double pram has space for your shopping. This pram is a parent’s dream come true with the largest shopping basket in Australia that holds up to 15kg. You can have your children and the shopping in one compact pram; all you have to do is push.

Another fantastic feature of the Baccani Lusso Double pram is its capsule compatibility. The Baccani capsule adaptors are compatible with any Nuna Klik and Joie car capsules and any Maxi Cosi capsule manufactured after 2014.

When purchasing the Baccani Lusso Double pram, you have the 2 seat option or seat and bassinet option that both come with an amazing accessory pack. The pram comes in either black or grey and displays luxury and elegance all in one.

For more information and a detailed overview of setting up the Baccani Lusso Double pram, check out the link below:

At a great price range for a pram, this Baccani Lusso Double pram is worth every penny and a great addition to an expanding family.

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