Early pregnancy symptoms and tips to follow

Pregnancy is one of the main stages; it is the main stage in a woman’s life. Women wait and anticipate it to arrive all their life. It is the most sacred and the happiest feeling woman can get in her life. Our pregnancy tests and ultrasounds the only ways to know pregnancy? Most of you would say, “Yes.” Today, we will let you know some of the early symptoms and signs that can be observed from your body during the first pregnancy period. Some of the most common signs of early pregnancy are morning sickness, fatigue, and smell sensitivity issues. Now we will look into the respective periods of these symptoms and signs.

The period of symptoms and signs

Your last menstrual period is identified as the first week of the pregnancy, even if you were not pregnant yet. Now, we will provide you the periods of symptoms.

Signs and symptoms Time period
Small cramps Week 01 – 04
Fatigue Week 04 and 05
Nausea Week 04 – 06
Breasts aching Week 04 – 06
Frequent urination Week 04 – 06
Motion sickness Week 04 – 06
Mood changes Week 06
Changes in body temperature Week 06
High blood pressure Week 08
Fatigue and heartburn senses Week 09
Higher heartbeat Week 08-10
Breast and nipple changes Week 11
Muscle pains Week 11
Increase in body weight Week 11
Pregnancy glow Week 12

Reference: https://www.healthline.com/parenthood

Next, we will discuss some of the noticeable and important signs and symptoms mentioned above in detail. In addition to that, we will provide you with some tips which you can follow during relevant periods to counter the same.

Small cramps

In week 04, the blastocyst will form in the lining of the uterus. This will cause implantation bleeding too.

Following are some of the signs of this;

Pain – Pain can be different from one person to another. It can be either small, mild, or sometimes severe.

Time period – It is there for about three days, and you do not need to panic here much as any treatment is not required during this time.

Smart tips

  • Refrain from smoking and having liquor. This will heavier your bleeding, and pain can be increased too.


This is a common symptom in the early pregnancy period. You will feel sleepy always, and your body will not be functioning actively like before

Smart tips

  • Take enough sleep
  • Try to keep your bedroom as cool as possible.

Breasts aching and changes

The size of breasts during this time usually gets increased due to changes in hormones. Both the nipples and breasts are changed during this time, and all of these changes occur due to hormones.

Smart tips

  • Get breast pads that fit your breasts to reduce fiction on nipples. This will reduce the pain of breasts and nipples too.
  • Try to purchase a cotton maternity bra for your own comfort.

Frequent urination

Your body will pump more blood than usual during this time. This causes your kidney to produce more fluid, which will result in more fluid in the bladder. Hormones stimulate during these times are the main reasons for this.

Smart tips

  • Drink about 400ml per day
  • Try to build up a daily routine for your bathroom needs.

Nausea and morning sickness

Although it is termed as morning sickness, this can occur at any time of the day. Still, scientists have not discovered a clear reason for this, but hormones play a significant role in this too.

Smart tips

  • Try to drink as much water as possible.
  • Try to keep saltine cracker with you and have it in the morning when you get up. This will help you to counter morning sickness.

High blood pressure

Normal and high blood pressure will eventually drop during the early pregnancy period. This will make you weak and can cause dizziness too. Many cases of high blood pressure are due to underlying problems. Your doctor will help you to maintain regular and normal blood pressure during this period by checking and noting your blood pressure levels.

Smart tips

  • Try to engage in small exercises with the instructions from your doctor.
  • Learn things to keep your blood pressure down.
  • Drink enough water and food

Increase in body weight

This is one of the most common features at this time. Following is a rough chart of the increase in the body.

  • Breasts – 01 – 03 pounds
  • Uterus – 02 pounds
  • Increased blood and fluid volume – 05 -07 pounds
  • Fat – 06 -08 pounds


Hormones produced in this time cause the valve between your stomach and esophagus to relax a bit. The stomach will produce acid because of this, and this will cause “Heartburn.”

Smart tips

  • Try to stay upright for an hour after your meal.
  • Try to have smaller meals instead of larger ones, which need more time for digestion.

Smell sensitivity issues

This is another common symptom during this time. Your smell sensitivity will change during this time and cause a distaste for certain food items. Vomiting and food digestion issues occur due to this.

Smart tips

  • Try to have food items that you love to eat as much as possible.

Pregnancy glow

This is the stage when people start to tell you about your appearance. Hormones produced during this time are the main factor for this change. This will provide glossy and flushed skin too.

So I hope that you have gained vital information about the early pregnancy period. We have categorized it into different time periods to provide you a clear picture of the signs and symptoms that produce during those particular time periods. These signs and symptoms will vary sometimes, but they are common for most of you.

In addition to that, we have also given you some smart tips to follow to overcome some of the difficulties you may face during the early pregnancy period. Try to add the same to your daily routines. It will relieve your pain and will provide you a boost to fight different situations. The period of pregnancy is not a time period for you to suffer. It is time for you to be happy and cherish. So consider following our smart tips and feel the difference. You may consult your doctor for any matter regarding our recommendations.

Be with us as we plan to bring more vital information like this to make your life happier and healthier.



Moms, The purpose of this article is informative. It is an overview of recent studies on Pregnancy. Always consult your health concerns and decisions with your doctor.

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