BellyBar Lusso

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Enhance your Lusso Pram experience with our compatible Belly Bar!

Designed specifically for the Lusso Pram, our Belly Bar provides added convenience and comfort for both you and your little one. Easily attachable to the stroller, this sleek and durable accessory offers a secure and stylish grip for your child to hold onto during walks or outings.

The Belly Bar is not only practical but also prioritizes safety. It features a sturdy construction and a child-proof release mechanism, ensuring your little one remains securely in place while enjoying a comfortable ride.

With the Belly Bar, you can customize your Lusso Pram to fit your needs, providing a cozy and secure environment for your child. It’s the perfect addition to make your strolling experience with the Lusso Pram even more enjoyable.

Upgrade your Lusso Pram today with our Belly Bar and enjoy the convenience, comfort, and peace of mind it brings.


Please note that the belly bar included in this listing is compatible with the Lusso stroller. However, it is important to emphasize that the belly bar is sold separately, and the stroller (along with any other items shown in the photos) is not included in the purchase.

Safety Precaution:

We would like to emphasize that the belly bar should not be used as a means to hand-carry a bassinet with a baby inside. This practice poses a safety risk, as there is a potential for the baby to slide to one end or for the belly bar to fail. It is important to prioritize the safety of your child at all times.

Returns Policy:

Please be aware that spare parts and accessories, including the belly bar, are not covered by our free change of mind returns policy. For more detailed information regarding our returns policy, please refer to the provided resources.