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Main seat frame and fabrics
Handrail and Canopy Support
Large extension Canopy Cover
Canopy Base
Swivel Belly Bar
Front and rear wheels
Shoulder pads
6kg shopping basket
User Manual

Baccani Cavallo Pram will be shipped in one (1) carton.

Maximum Loads
Bassinet Configuration 9kg
Seat Configuration 20kg
Shopping basket 12kg

Frame 7.3kg
Seat/Bassinet 3.5 kg

Seat Measurements
Length 77cm
Width 34cm
Back Rest 49cm

Bassinet Measurements
Length 80cm
Width 34cm
Height 23cm

Folded with the seat Measurements
Length 96cm
Width 56cm
Height 44cm

Folded without the seat Measurements
Length 90cm
Width 56cm
Height 30cm

Box Dimensions: 52.5cm x 29cm x 88cm

The following car capsules are compatible with the Baccani capsule adaptors:

Any Nuna capsule
Any Maxi Cosi (manufactured after 2014)
Any Joie capsule
Any Cybex capsule

Purchase the Capsule Adapter

Smart Features

Capsule compatibility

Maxi Cosi adapters manufactured after 2014
All Nuna models
All Joie models
Not compatible with Britax

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Add Accessories?

Baccani Prams provides high quality accessories which are designed to make sure your child is safe and comfortable. Baccani has everything you need when it comes to replacement parts and pram accessories.

Taking your babies for a walk outdoors offers a lot for their health. It is equivalent to their exercise, which they will carry as they grow. As parents, you should ensure they get the proper diet and the right exercise. Bringing them for a walk outdoors will improve their sleep quality. You know how stressful it can be to stay up at night to watch over your baby as they sleep. It also improves your fitness and will enhance your psychological well-being.

Simultaneously, you should also be able to get the right equipment to make sure their stroll outdoors is the best. With the Baccani Pletora Single Pram, you will never have to look around any further when taking them for a walk outdoors, whether at the park or in Disneyland.

It is time to replace the baby stroller you use with this luxury two-in-one pram. This baby pram comes from one of the best brands in the industry. It is a sophisticated, durable bassinet pram with the seat and the bassinet. Here are the advantages of this baby pram.
Exceptional Comfort
With the best baby stroller, your baby’s comfort comes at the priority. Touted as the upgraded version of the Baccani Cavallo, the Pletora is the most comfortable out there as it combines the best finishes, including its comfort seat liner, belly bar, leather handlebar, and more, offering the functionality you are looking for.
Choose from various colors
Select from the following colors, depending on your preference and visual judgment. The bassinet pram is available in black, grey, maroon, and sand colors.
Protect against weather disturbances
Among the most promising features of this baby pram stroller is the canopy that protects the baby from weather disturbance. Of course, you will always have to park the stroller to an awning to ensure protection for your baby’s health.
Easy to assemble, dissemble
The baby pram has compact and easy folding that can be folded without difficulty with or without the seat.
Store your valuables
It also features a compartment for your valuables, such as the baby’s milk bottles, baby wipes, shopping bags, and many other baby’s essentials.
Highly Adjustable
The baby pram comes with an adjustable footrest, adjustable handlebar, and more. You can also recline the seat to ensure maximum comfort for the child. Plus, it is easy to maintain.
This baby stroller is also compatible for use in the car, making it among the best baby prams you can have.

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Pletora Plus - Ex

$618.00 (includes GST at 10%)

Out of stock