Are you looking for a pram friendly place in Melbourne for a stroll with your Baby? Here’s a snapshot of the best pram-friendly walks in Melbourne.

Early parenthood creates priceless memories, and parent-baby outings are a big part of these memories. These outings provide babies & toddlers with much-needed exposure to sunlight, fresh air, greenery, water, and new experiences. Melbourne is one of the best cities globally because the city facilitates the lifestyles of people of all ages, including babies, toddlers, kids, and their parents. Pram walks are a popular activity when it comes to parent-baby outings, and Melbourne has a variety of pram-friendly locations, be it scenic ocean views or lush green parks. We take a look at Melbourne’s best pram friendly locations below for your next baby’s day out.

First Up for those in the City!

If you are looking for a scenic stroll around a lake, then Albert Park is one of the top locations in Melbourne. This location is best suited for those who live in the CBD & it is just 3 kilometers down Aughtie Drive. A smooth, circular track will ensure a smooth pram walk with a breathtaking panoramic view of Melbourne’s skyline. You are sure to spot some beautiful swans in the lake, and the wooden adventure playground provides options to address your adrenaline rush.


The Royal Botanic Gardens is a popular location that facilitates pram walks. One of Melbourne’s most popular exercise tracks located in Birdwood Avenue, this location offers many amenities such as cafes and duck ponds to add to the experience. At the end of the walk, you will be able to visit the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden, which includes informative elements that help you and your kids explore a variety of plants. This location is sure to provide you with a unique experience every time you visit.


Promenade / Boardwalk

The Yarra River Promenade is another popular pram friendly location on St. Kilda Road. This location has multiple start & endpoints along the scenic Yarra River with concrete walking paths that will guarantee a smooth stroll. If you feel like shopping while on your walk, then St. Kilda Road has a few local shops if you wish to buy fresh groceries or souvenirs.

Frankston Boardwalk is another pram friendly location with views of Port Philip Bay, with close proximity to one of Melbourne’s most pristine beaches. The raised timber boardwalk enables an easy trail ranging from 1-2 kilometers in length with scenic ocean views. If you want to stretch, play, or relax, the trail includes a playground as well.



Next up is home to Captain Cook’s Cottage. Fitzroy Gardens is one of the most popular parks in Melbourne. This location is considered one of the best locations for pram walks, with interconnected paths towered by lush green trees to make your stroll a delightful one. The 1-2-hour stroll path is perfect for a quick week-day evening outing with your baby. The café that is found at the centre of the gardens is ideal for a quick pit stop, which features the famous Fairies Tree. Further, the miniature Tudor Village Garden adds to the experience of the Fitzroy Gardens, which is considered as one of the favourite spots along the route.

A former pipe-making industrial site, Pipe makers Park is now one of the favourite places in Melbourne for a pram walk. Situated along the Maribyrnong River, the Pipe Makers Park includes a nature-inspired playground in a large, open space, and landscaped garden with sculptures that will add to your experience. Picnic tables created out of leftover pipes offer a novel experience. This place presents so much exploration and is a perfect location for a full day trip or a family picnic.

If you live in southeast Melbourne, then Jells Park is a pram friendly location in your proximity. A public park located in Wheelers Hill; Jells Park is well renowned for its bird watching vantage points. The Dandenong Creek Trail connects to Eastlink Trail, Scotchman’s Creek Pathway, and the Knox Bike Path, with access to a nature-based playground so you can stroll, play, or rest.



If you are a fitness fanatic or in the mood for a longer walk, then Foreshore Trail is a perfect pram friendly location. The trail covers 8 km between Williamstown Beach and Altona Beach. The St. Kilda portion of the trail is ideal for a quick snack or to break for lunch, where you will be able to find food kiosks and child-friendly cafés along the way. You can lie down on picturesque beaches to get a bit of a tan on, and if you are lucky, you will be able to spot a penguin or two.

One of the most tranquil routes for pram walks is the Capital City Trail. This scenic tree-lined walking path along the Merri Creek/ Yarra River waterway between Clifton Hill and Collingwood Children’s Farm will surely provide you with a calm, smoothing stroll with your baby. Say you are a proud parent of twins or want to tag along with your friend with their baby in the pram, then this walkway can accommodate two prams at once. One of the key milestones in the path is the Children’s Farm, where you can explore gardens & see paddocked horses. Your kids will enjoy getting a closer look at the farm animals, and there are daily activities on offer to make your experience a wholesome one.

Another pram friendly hot spot is Bayside Beaches, a scenic view that can be experienced along the coast from the Spirit of Tasmania terminal in Port Melbourne, all the way to Mordialloc. This trail encircles the quieter parts of the bay and is perfect if you are looking for quiet, longer pram walks. If you want to soak up some sunlight & enjoy a soothing sea breeze, this location is tailor-made for you.


Melbourne is rich in pram-friendly walking paths from lush green parks to scenic beach trails. When you plan your next outing, you can pick and choose a location suited to your requirement. Each of the places mentioned above offers different experiences, and rest assured that your babies, toddlers, and kids enjoy a relaxing pram ride. So, what is stopping you from planning your next pram ride with your kid? Melbourne is equipped to offer you a wholesome experience with its ideal hotspots for a stroll on a baby’s day out in Melbourne.

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