The Joys of a Baby Shower!

How precious would it be to shower a mom-to-be with a “Baby Shower”? As much as a little baby is a treasure, it is equally important to keep the mom-to-be really happy and cheerful. The baby shower gives the loved ones of the parents-to-be a chance to pamper the mom.

A baby shower is a party of gift-giving or a ceremony thrown to celebrate the coming of a new baby. Usually, a baby shower is hosted by family and friends of the parents-to-be. Even though we think that baby showers have started in recent years, and it is a simple gesture, the fact is that they began in ancient times. In the past, it was primarily associated with religions. It was more of a ritual followed by the older women in the family for the mother-to-be.

In ancient times these rituals were followed in Greece and Egypt to celebrate the baby and the mother. In the present world, we still see religious associated celebrations, which take place mainly in India to celebrate the baby’s coming and shower blessings to the expectant mother. We see that during these rituals, they offered gifts to different Gods and Goddesses.



In the beginning, baby showers were just a women’s affair. It was celebrated only among the women community, especially with the older women in the family. But at present, it has become a celebration where even men equally contribute. The dad-to-be gets involved in the celebration.

Baby showers also allow the family, friends, relatives, and dear ones to shower the parents with gifts and treats. Also, as the new baby joins the family, the baby shower allows them to strengthen the bonds among the families.

Another aspect of baby showers is to lend a hand to the parents by gifting baby essentials. It is a matter of fact all around the world the baby items are costly. So rather than just the parents having to take up the whole weight of buying stuff, supporting them will definitely take off a load from the new parents. So now, in the present context, we see that parents choose the baby registry gift option. Baby registry is parents choosing essential baby items from a store. So, whoever wishes to gift the baby can choose items out from the baby registry. The benefit of this is rather than stacking up the same things, upon the parents’ preference, you can get a clear idea of what can be gifted off the registry. This definitely makes the guest’s life easier, too, rather than having to ponder upon what kind of a gift to choose.

Also, we see that baby showers usually take place 4 to 6 weeks before the delivery. This is the best time to plan it as by this period; parents are aware of the baby’s gender too. So, this allows the organizers time to prepare things even better.

It is well known that it’s the mom-to-be who’s in the limelight at the baby shower. At present, people host baby showers to celebrate the dad-to-be too. Anyhow, with the current pandemic situation all around the world, baby showers are celebrated virtually, thanks to the fantastic technology we experience. This allows even people who cannot physically attend, even if it was not virtual, to be still a part of it from anywhere in the world.

Baby shower ideas

As much as the near and dear ones of the parents-to-be are eager to celebrate the baby shower, it is imperative to know how to celebrate one. One of the best options is to take a walk-through of Google and Pinterest, where you will find so many different and creative kinds of ideas.


While planning to keep everything in place and convenient, it is a great idea to know the gender of the baby so that you could theme it up in baby pink or baby blue. When welcoming ideas, the venue plays a significant role. Unless the mom-to-be doesn’t find it hard to move out of her house, it is advisable to use a common venue. If you decide to plan the party at her place, be considerate about the pre-cleaning and post-cleaning of the house, as leaving things behind for the parents-to-be will not be a great idea.

Once you plan the venue, it’s time to move on to the decorations, refreshments, and fun game ideas. Once the initial step of preparing the venue and date is done, it is then time to drag out your creativity to design an invitation. The invitation can be made to highlight the theme, which will also boost the party’s background to the invitees.

Baby Shower Decorations

Moving on to the decorations, make sure to make the decorations elegant yet simple and filled with daintiness. Although adults will witness the whole party, the decoration should fit to welcome a baby and to bring comfort to the heart of the mom-to-be.

Baby Shower

You can include banners, balloons, centerpieces and hanging baby shower décor. To add to this, you can make the mom-to-be even more memorable by doing a cute sash and a floral headdress and a wrist band to match with the decorations. A pretty cake will surely add grandeur to the occasion.

A few decorations ideas, a diaper stand, a cute photo booth, and a decorated unique chair for the mom-to-be will be appropriate.

Baby Shower Games

You can be unique and plan out new types of games to entertain the parents and the invitees. If it’s a party with both men and women, you can plan things out to bring out more fun through group games.

A few games to name will be, Guess the baby game, where the organizers will inform the invitees beforehand to bring a picture of them as a baby, and at the party, the crowd will guess who the baby is. To add a little bit of extra fun and yuckiness to the party, you can plan on plating dirty diapers. This is a game where you will melt different flavored chocolate like milk, dark, fruit and nut etc., on a newborn-sized diaper to make it look like “poop” and get the participants to lick it and tell the flavour of the chocolate.

Another hands-on kind of a game would be to guess mommy’s measurements. This will allow the women party to get a close feeling of mommy’s baby belly either by touching or looking to guess the measurement of the baby bum.

Baby Shower

In the case of daddy getting involved, how can you not think of some fun ideas for daddy? You can play Drink up, a baby game for the male invitees. To do this, all you need is a few baby feeding bottles filled with beer, and even without instructions, they’ll know to play the game.

The game list could go on with Baby Dec-a-cake, Guess the baby food, Diaper raffles, Baby items in the bag, and so the list goes on.

A little bit of extra thought and even surfing on the internet will give you great ideas to get everybody involved in different games and create extra fun, excitement, and happiness.

If we consider the new trend of virtual baby showers, you can use several games like guess the baby and guess the baby food games to be played. You can suggest the ideas, decorations accordingly to suit a virtual party. In this circumstance, you can gift the parents by sending a surprise gift for the mom-to-be, which is received while everyone is online. A most important thing, or rather the challenging thing, would be planning the virtual party to get the mom-to-be involved in games and activities and feel the same happiness she would experience through a physical party.

While planning the baby shower, it would be awesome to make it a period of family fun, excitement and, most importantly, bonding with the baby to come. Also, it will make the mom-to-be feel remarkable as she becomes the reason for all the celebrations. Always remember you can celebrate so many other occasions for the baby after birth, but this is also important. It would be great to organize and get the best out of the Baby Shower you plan.


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