Baccani Toddler Seat Pram

Choosing the best stroller for your toddler is no easy task! While you might already be thinking about some of the obvious things such as size, price, comfort, seat load capacity, weight, cost, brand, or functionality – there’s a broader range of factors worth considering. After all, you only want the best toddler stroller for your child.

The Baccani toddler seat pram comes with superior functionality and a range of distinct colours to choose from. A fully extendable canopy, adjustable handlebar, storage pouch and bottle holder, comfort bassinet, adjustable footrest, car seat compatibility, shopping basket, and easy seat positions are the value additions exclusive to the Baccani toddler stroller.

The fully extendable canopy can be adjusted to three different shelving positions to provide maximum protection to your toddler from the sun and the other harsh elements. An adjustable handle allows you to easily achieve the height needed, so all your attention can be given to your toddler. The quick button release system removes the seat from the rest of the stroller, which makes it light to carry and much easier to put in the car.

The Baccani reversible seat allows face-to-face communication with the baby. This feature allows your toddler to interact with you, or explore the surroundings, depending on their mood.

Getting your infant in and out from the toddler stroller is effortless with the removable swivel belly bar on either side. The set position adjustable footrest provides added comfort to your infant and is also easy to clean. Your baby will be kept safe and secure in a five-point safety harness, and the soft cushioning provides them with additional comfort. Shop with Baccani and get your hands on the best toddler strollers in Australia.