Top tips for choosing the right baby pram that every parent must know

A key point in the life of new parents is purchasing a baby pram for the little one. In an age where one of the two parents is at work constantly, a pram is a necessity. A pram enables a parent to transport their child out of the house with as little hassle as possible. A pram also provides an alternative to carrying the child constantly. Visits to the pediatrician or walks around the local park are made much easier with a baby pram. All these factors above make it impervious that you make a proper decision when selecting the best prams in Australia for you.

There are many different types of baby prams in Australia to choose from and several brands. If you do not do your research, a visit to a store to scope baby prams for sale can turn into a nightmare. But conversely, this enormous choice will guarantee that you can find the best baby pram. Since baby prams are quite expensive, blind research is not recommended. Hence a reliable guide to buying one will go a long way.

What is the difference between a baby stroller and a baby pram?

The answer is simple, and knowing it is the first step in deciding your baby’s first set of wheels.

  • Baby Stroller: Generally, refers to models that seat the baby or child in an upright position
  • Baby Pram: Are usually models that occupy the child in a horizontal/sleeping position
  • Keep in mind that these terms are used interchangeably in modern days, since most models support both positions.

Different types of baby prams and baby strollers

To accommodate use cases of both parent and child, there exist a variety of baby prams in Australia. These differ mainly upon their core design or how many wheels they have

  • Jogger stroller / Jogger prams

    These are aimed at parents who engage in physical activity/want to lose weight.

    • Pros: The parent can keep fit while looking after the baby, this also aids post- natal recovery. Inclusion of 3 large wheels that make rolling easy and absorbs the shocks generated by a faster movement pace.
    • Cons: Heavier and harder to assemble and cannot be folded into a small size. Some of them may not be built for fast activities – especially the cheaper ones (Its best to purchase a genuine jogger pram designed for that purpose)
  • Double stroller / Double pram

For the lucky few of you that get twins or have more than one toddler, a double stroller or double pram is the way to go. Managing 2 babies is double the trouble, choosing the correct double pram will save you time and sanity.

There are 3 different types of this pram: Side by side strollers, tandem strollers, and single seat strollers with an additional detachable seat.

Side by side prams / Side by side strollers: Like the name implies, this has 2 seats next to each other.

    • Pros: Keeping a close eye on both kids at the same time is easy. Both the little ones can interact with each other when going out for walks. And generally, there are no limitations to the positioning of the babies, and both can recline fully.
    • Cons: Side by side strollers are quite wide and might not fit through narrow passages or doorways. And they are quite heavy so your hubby will need to give you a hand when packing it. You will also need to take additional steps to make sure it fits into your cars boot and keep the same in mind when ordering a taxi

Lusso double prams baby prams in Australia

  • Tandem prams / Tandem strollers: These seat one baby in front of the other
    • Pros: Can fit through narrow spaces unlike side-by-side prams
    • Cons: Due to their length you will find it hard to reach things in front of it, like opening a door. Some tandem prams offer low to no visibility of the baby in the front seat. The front seat may not be able to recline fully due to the back seat. Again, make sure it can fit in your car’s boot and the average taxicab.
  • Single sear strollers/prams with an additional seat: Some strollers come with an extra seat that you can attach if you get a 2nd baby down the road.
    • Pros: Cost saving since you do not need a new pram. Pram size and maneuverability will remain almost the same (it will be heavier). You save yourself time by not having to research for a new pram.
    • Cons: Very little flexibility in the attachable seat, far less than the main seat. If the attachment procedure is not followed properly, it can be a risk to the safety of the toddler.


  • Layback stroller / Layback pram
    • This is the ideal pram for newborns or toddlers. They feature positions where the baby can sit up or lie down flat.
      The spinal cord of the child will be well supported regardless of age. These prams are also usually lightweight.
  • Lightweight and umbrella

A pram geared at the parent who is on the move, or who does not always have a helping hand.

    • Pros: Boasting features like lightweight construction and portability, this is truly one of the easiest prams to manage.
    • Cons: Not suitable for use with a newborn, it is recommended that the child be six months or older. Unless the pram is specifically made for older children.
  • Travel setup / Travel system
    Here the baby car seat and the stroller/pram are both combined into one tidy solution. It is suitable for parents who drive with their baby often.
    • Pros: Quick switching of the baby from stroller to car since the car seat connectsto the stroller seamlessly. Disturbance to the baby during a switch is minimal.Cost efficiency by purchasing both in one package.
    • Cons: Certain cars may be too small to fit certain travel setups (checkdimensions before you buy!). Your baby can outgrow the baby car seat faster than the stroller, meaning a costly replacement. Generally higher in cost than a single unit.
  • Convertible strollers / Convertible prams

           The all-in-one solution,often

    • Pros: They are designed to change and adapt according to the parent’s requirements over the course of a child’s life. Support a wide range of seating positions. Wide range of models to choose from. No need to continuously upgrade the stroller when your baby grows.
    • Cons: Not as lightweight as umbrella prams. High initial cost.
  • Car seat prams / Car seat carriers

Like a Travel setup but different. It is primarily meant for use as an infant car seat but can transform into a stroller instantly.

    • Pros: Convenience of always having a stroller in the car for emergencies. Lightweight construction. Fast transition between modes.
    • Cons: As babies tend to outgrow car seats quickly, it will need to be replaced comparatively sooner.

Three wheelers or Four wheelers?

Three-wheel prams are easier to push around thanks to their large wheels that can pivot easily. They also absorb bumps better. Problems arise due to reports of three wheeled prams rolling away or tipping when turning corners.

Four-wheel prams offer more resistance when being pushed and their turning circle is not as good. The ride is also a bit rough since all 4 wheels are subjected to bumps on the road. But ultimately, they are the safest for your baby.

Tips when buying a pram

Armed with this information, you can confidently search though the many baby prams for sale. Here are some tips that will provide further assistance in picking the best prams in Australia.

  • Select a pram that can fold up into a compact size
    • A pram is quite a large apparatus. If it cannot fold up properly and easily, it can make life difficult for you.
    • Check how much time it takes to fold the pram up. Check if you can do it in a smooth manner. Some prams are incredibly complex and tough to fold up and reassemble.
  • Ask yourself if the pram fits your lifestyle

For example, if you have 2 kids and walk frequently, it is advisable getting a reliable double stroller.

  • Check the load ratings of prams
    Some cheap prams come with a catch where its maximum load is quite low. Hence when your child grows you will eventually have to buy a new pram. Look for something that can carry 15 to 20 kilograms (weight of a child after which prams are not needed)
  • Safety features

Brakes: A good hard push while the brakes are locked can give you a good idea of their reliability. Take note if the brakes are linked and can be toggled via your foot. If so, you do not need to bend down every time you want to turn the brake on.

Straps and harnesses: A good tug will make sure they are secure. Check for easily adjustable straps (by you not the baby) that should ideally be padded.

Puncture proof tyre - baby prams australia

  • Preview the pram at a showroom
    – It pays to get a feel for what you are buying
    – Understandably in post COVID times like these, this is impossible. Check for video demonstrations of the pram instead.


  • Do not be price minded

There is nothing more valuable than the safety of your child and knowing it is in good hands will keep your head clear.

Hopefully, this guide helped you to choose the best pram for your baby. And we wish you and your kids the best of luck in future!

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