Top Tips For Running With Your Baby

Experiencing the incredible moments of parenthood is really satisfying, but it also can be pretty
stressful. It is mainly getting used to the new day-to-day activities with the little human in your
life. In addition to new responsibilities and sleepless nights, new parents experience both
mentally and physically stressful situations.
It’s quite natural to add weight during the pregnancy and post-pregnancy stages, as physical
activities will be minimal, if not nonexistent. Suppose you were a fitness freak or a weight
conscientious individual before pregnancy. In that case, the lack of physical activities will add to
your anxieties. However, the great news is that you can explore options to get your fitness back
on track. It’s a fact that running can make you feel good physically as well as mentally when
you’re a new mom or a parent.
How awesome would it be if you could take your precious little baby along with you while you
run? Well, you could. Let us explore the benefits and how you can get back on track once again
while experiencing priceless moments with your baby.

Benefits of running with your baby

The most significant benefit of running with your baby is that it is suitable for both your physical
and mental health. Running with the baby will help the parent manage stress and relax while
burning the much-needed calories to help lose additional pounds gained during pregnancy.
Further, this will help you strengthen your muscles and sleep well at night.
Additionally, running with the baby is a terrific way to introduce your little one to the outside
world and the nature around us. They get to breathe fresh air and gaze out at the birds while
watching you take care of yourself.

Running With Your BabyPrior to your 1st Run

Initially, it’s important to plan before your first running session. Consulting your pediatrician
before you plan your first running session is mandatory. This will enable your pediatrician to
help you identify the best age to go for a run with your baby; ideally, your baby should be 6
months or more, where the baby can hold their heads & neck firm.
Next, it’s vital to get a stroller suitable for this purpose. It’s best to buy a jogging-compatible
stroller that is capable of providing stability & a comfortable ride for your baby. If you already
have a stroller, please check thoroughly whether it is suitable for an outdoor run.
Once you have your pediatrician’s green light and a suitable stroller, the next step is to identify a
proper running track or a route closer to you. Ideally, you can look for a stroller-friendly running

track that can accommodate a smooth stroll. Try to avoid bumpy trails, busy roads, areas where
there are cross streets to ensure safety.
In addition, you should invest in a quality pair of running shoes that accommodate your weight
& foot shape. Most people do not see the importance of a good pair of running shoes, but this
will help avoid injuries and discomfort during the run.

Running With Your BabyPlanning for the run

First of all, plan for the most suitable time of the day for the run. This should be a time where
there’s plenty of light, and the temperatures are not too high. It’s best if you plan your run before
the baby’s nap time so that the stroll will help your baby fall asleep.
Then, it’s essential to pack carefully to ensure that you take everything required for your baby, as
well as you. This includes diapers, wipes, water (for you and your child), snacks, extra clothes, a
pacifier, and a pair of shades or sunscreen or an umbrella as the weather dictates. It’s always
important to pack what your baby needs. Still, you also don’t want to overload your stroller with
unnecessary items so that you will not be weighed down during your run.

During the Run

When you first start running with your baby, always remember ‘Safety Comes First.’ It’s
necessary to be safe when running, and when you’re running with a stroller, you need to be more
cautious and attentive.
At all times, do check if your baby is strapped correctly into their safety harness. Further, always
keep the stroller’s front wheels locked so that the wheels will not turn and cause issues when
Running with the baby is different from running alone, as the stroller will provide resistance
training. You will have a slower running pace while pushing the stroller. The good news is that
you will be burning more calories with your effort, plus doing some resistance training, so don’t
worry about the slower pace. You can alternate your arms when pushing the stroller to help add
to strengthening & toning muscles.
During the run, there are 2 things that you need to be aware of: the weather and the pressure of
the tires of the stroller. Adverse effects of both these factors could affect your baby, as well as
you, so it’s best to keep your eyes & years open.
Further, always listen to your body and don’t push yourself at this early stage of your baby’s life.
It’s important not to overexert yourself. You’d be a few points heavy and wouldn’t have done any
physically strenuous activities of late. Hence it’s essential to start slow.
If you have a smartwatch, it’s good to monitor your heart rate in order to maintain this at a
standard level. Suppose you are experiencing any aches or pains; it’s best to walk and gradually
build pace. And it’s important to take breaks during the run to refresh and rehydrate.

Running With Your BabyFinally, you must enjoy the run. The objective of running with your baby is not to tick the miles
down. It is for the mutual benefit of both you and your kid. Try to make this a pleasant activity
while gaining both physical and mental benefits.

After the run

It’s important to perform a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule on your stroller to ensure
functionality and spot potential hazards after each run. Use an antiseptic liquid to clean the
surface areas and use lubricants to reduce friction.
Further, make sure to check the tire pressure periodically and inflate tires to the required level.
It’s good to invest in a cheap bicycle pump so that you can do this yourself at home.

Running With strollerIn Conclusion…

To conclude, there are special milestones in a parent’s journey where both the parent and the
baby create new memories and experience new things. Taking the baby out in a stroller for a run,
too, is one of those special milestones. Doing this right is vital to benefit both the baby and the
Firstly, it’s important to get your doctor’s advice before your first run. And it’s essential to follow
guidelines before your first run to ensure safety and optimum outcome.
Further, following the guidelines mentioned above is essential during and after each run. Safety
and health are the key objectives of running with your baby. You must take all steps to avoid
injuries or accidents. As running with the baby is an essential milestone in a parent’s journey, one
should follow the proper steps and make this activity an entertaining and healthy experience for
both the parent and the baby.
We hope that our insights and tips will help you prepare, plan, and execute your first and
subsequent runs with your baby. Keep things healthy and safe while having fun and creating
special memories.

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